Most of us live each day doing the same thing over and over again.

But if you stop for a second and think about exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing, it’ll change your whole perspective.

Forget about writing 10 things on your to-do list.

Get just one thing done today that’ll move your business and life forward, but deliberately plan it out.

You’ll end the day knowing you’ve achieved something. It definitely beats being overwhelmed by dozens of “things to do” and not getting any of it done.

So start and think about that one thing you want to do today.

Once you’ve built momentum, go for two things you need to do for the day.


As an affiliate marketer, I spend quite some time and money to get content for my sites. I have found that overall, it takes a while to find a good content writer – if their quality is good then their turnaround time is poor or if they are fast then the quality is lacking. That’s why I think it’s only fair to point out to other internet marketers that I have found a content site that has just the right combination of services and quality: Green Light Articles.

Green Light Articles

Before I talk about their services, I’d like to talk about the quality of work that I get back from them. One of the things that I really like about them is how easy it is to order from them. On one single screen, you can order with just a few clicks. They have also taken the time to differentiate their writers – there are those who are good and there are those who are very good. The good ones work on standard articles while the ones who are very good work on what they call premium articles.

I was quite curious at first – were they offering a superior service alongside a not so good one? I decided the only way to know was to order one from each and surprisingly, both articles were above the usual quality I get with many of the more popular content sites.

The prices also vary depending on what kind of articles you want written, but I must say that for the kind of quality that they generate, they are very cheap. A 400 word standard article costs $0.016 per word. A premium article goes for $0.2 a word so the difference isn’t really that big. In comparison, a lot of similar sites charge considerably more and you don’t really get quality that’s any better.

When it comes to speed, I have made several orders in the last few weeks of about 20 articles each and the turnaround seems to be 48 hours or less. Sometimes I get my articles back within the hour, which hasn’t been the experience for me with other content sites and even freelance writers.

Their customer service is very god – they respond right away to queries and they are very quick in fixing them. I looked around online to see if there were any disappointed users in terms of customer service but couldn’t find any – even a user who wanted a refund said that they were very prompt in issuing it.

On to their services: they offer both writing and spinning and spinning, and you can also make money from their referral program. We have already seen a lot of how their writing service works – you register for free, you put up your list of articles to be written, you pay, the articles are written and sent to you for review and if you are not happy, you can always send the article back (I’ve never had to do this).

Their spinning service works in much the same way. They have standard software that all their writers must use to make spins and I find that this gives a kind of consistency to the articles that I get. Check that you are ordering from the right tab – they have one for written articles and another for spun articles but the procedure to order is the same.

I tried out their affiliate program by introducing a couple of friends, and I must say I was delighted to receive my reward without any delay.

All in all? I will continue to use them because they are above what you get with a lot of the other content sites and even with some of the best free lancers that I have worked with. If you’re not happy with the kind of content that you are getting, maybe you should try them.

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