Your Biggest Problem in Internet Marketing

UPDATE: I’ve compiled some of the most frequent problems and writing some reports based on these problems. Be on a look out for the release of these reports.

Here’s how it works…

You tell me your biggest problem in Internet marketing (your biggest).

I’ll create short but meaty 15-30 page reports based on your problems. This, of course, depends on the demand.

Your response will help me better answer your problems in greater detail.

A few things to note:

  • Be specific
  • Don’t expect me to make you rich
  • Be aware that I do have my own set of expertises, and they are: Graphics, traffic generation, creating products, list building, blogging, productivity, technical areas of setting up your website, joint-venturing and some copywriting. The fact is, I can’t be everything to everyone.
  • Every month I’ll release one or two new reports based on this campaign.

That’s all :)

Please post your “biggest problem” in the “comments” box.

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. My biggest problem is identifying the “hungry market.” I can identify the niche, I can write passable ad copy, I can create products. I can do the keyword research and the social networking and the autoresponder and the website.
    But going from “finding a niche” to “finding the people IN the niche to want to buy X thing” is my biggest problem.
    Thank you.

  2. What is the “surefire” method for newbies with no technical knowledge to start an online business?

    Visitors can get free information/ebooks from the internet, so how to convince your visitors buy from you? Furthermore they can buy from other internet marketer?

    Is it internet marketing already “Saturate”?

    To Your Success
    Bryan Hee

  3. Hello Aurelius I’m having problem getting people to opt in for my newsletter on my website. Although I only receive around 20 unique visitors a day but I thought I would at least get at least 1 person per day to sign up. But so far I only have 3 persons on my list for the past week, that’s less than 1% opt in rate.

    Well I think getting people to sign up for my newsletter is the biggest problem for me.

  4. Hi Aurelius,

    Thanks for asking readers about their “biggest problem”.
    Its an admirable gesture.

    I am a Jordanian consulting engineer, almost retired, I like reading and writing, and would like to help “school drop out” youth to acquire any profession to support themselves and their families, and to avoid desparation, violence, and drugs, that is why I have the idea of setting up a simple, easy to navigate web site or blog to disseminate and spread knowledge about any kind of profession, from already available e-books, that can be downloadable free of charge, and/or, in a pay-what-you-want to cover the recurring expenses, without any strings attached, whatsoever.

    For the time being, I am intended to set up an English language site, and if things go well, then I will translate the e-books that suit Arab countries to Arabic.

    “My problem” is:
    To locate sources of public domain publications, that have no private label rights, so I can present and distribute them in the proposed web site.

    Can you, and/or any reader, help me in this regard…???

    Best regards,
    Hayel Msherbash
    Amman – Jordan

  5. My Biggest problem is mostly what Rick Carter above says about finding a niche, and then the how to set up a simple website for
    the niche. How do I decide what content to put on such a site, and where do I find such content. The above is also applicable to a blog. What is the best, a website or a blog and what are the pro/con’s for each?
    The learning curve simply seems to be TOTALLY overwhelming and therefor I am desperately jumping from one thing to the other and making almost zero progress! I am actually getting sick at myself for being so stupid. Normally I am quite level-headed, but not with this internet marketing thing. How is it possible that a relatively intelligent person get to feel this way?

  6. Hi Aurlius
    My problem is setting up my website correctly with the right information and affiliate programs and getting traffic to the website. i need a step by step program that works.

  7. Thank you Aurelius for this. I do aprpeciate this gesture.

    I have a small list. The biggest problem is getting My subscribers to actually DO something!

    You see, I point them to various things on the internet, most of which are free.

    And yet, they are reluctant to participate.

    I also point them to resources which can be useful for them, almost all of which are under US$10…they dont want those either.

    My clickstats have gone down from 5% to <1%

    I do not know what the problem is, but to write good email copy would be handy.

    So, I think, writing skills. Writing for profit



  8. Hi Aurelius,
    Thank you for taking your time to review comments from your members. My biggest problem is in marketing products especially PLR and MRR. Knowing exactly how to market them with my own link. Creating links is a major issue with me especially when it is a Resell Rights.
    Thanks again

  9. Hi Aurelius,
    It’s me again. I think I can do anything with flying color. I can create website in frontpage, can write a little, etc.

    My main problem is the “techie” thing, uploading, linking, autoresponder, etc. Php, installing various scripts are my achilles heel. Just recently, I joined 2 JV giveaways and was unsuccessful because my links failed.

    Thanks again,

    -Ding F. Arenal

    Pitogo, 4308 Quezon, Philippines

  10. Hi Aurelius,

    My biggest problem seems to be procrastination and motivation as well. I have all the resources to do what I need to do, except for an autoresponder as I cannot at present afford the ongoing cost, but I still put off doing things.

    Ian C

  11. After spending a reasonable amount of money on various products and targeted TRAFFIC over the last 8 months it does seem that there is a few names at the top selling products and MAKING MONEY by selling to people who are looking to break into this market.
    If everyone was given the real secret of the success to this formula surely eventually it would exhaust itself. Are we really continually being sold an ideal/dream of better things and nothing more. We all saw the hype over the last few days but if we bought everything we was advised to by ‘THE SELECT’ we would all go bankrupt before we started.
    Sorry this seems so down beat Aurelius but I do sometimes feel I would be better of going back to just selling/dropshipping on auction sites.
    Regards and thanks for allowing me to air this.


    I have to recommend your Copy and Paste Graphics Package as it does make life a lot easier (even if I don’t seem to be getting very far)

  12. Hi Aurelius

    Thanks for asking this question. I definitely don’t want more visitors because I can’t convert the ones that I have. Only this week I burnt yet another $100 on adwords. I’m a published author, still write articles every week for article marketing, and can get people to my various sites. But whether I am offering free memberships or free downloads, or asking visitors to purchase inexpensive programs, I cannot seem to persuade them to click. I’ve tried all sorts of copy but nothing has worked so far (7 years).

  13. Hi everyone. Thanks for your involvement in this campaign. There are some great questions I can definitely work around with. So far, a lot of the common problems are:

    * Traffic
    * Conversion
    * Procrastination
    * Getting more subscribers/list building

  14. My biggest problem is A product for my website.Shall i use PLR but i don’t know how to get traffic for it.List making is also one of the major problem.

  15. Personally, my biggest problem may be summed up into two important words: TRAFFIC and SALES. I think, this is the very core of any internet marketing business.

    Without which, everything else goes down the drain! Great post!

  16. My biggest problem is I do not know where to begin. How to get a functional website. Most importantly, how to open a payment system and include same in my website.

  17. Hi Tjin,

    My greatest problem is knowing exact where to start with a clear step by step system that shows you how to make money on a automatic pilot.

    As you know, information overload is the number one problem on the net and I suffer from that to some extent. So, I’d appreciate you putting together something very simple on “how a newbie can get started on the internet for less than $100 and build a profitable internet business within 30 days”.

    Thanks a million.

  18. Hi Aerulis Tijin,

    Really appreciated and thanks for let us share our problems here, after viewing all the comment, i realize that i am not alone.

    My biggest problem is list building & email conversion rate and lack of focus.
    I start Online Business after attending Senze Seminar this year & now full time almost working 12-15 hours everyday, i can create own css website & graphic, now start to learn php partime, but i found that another big problem is time management.

    It was great if you can share your time management.

  19. Most prospects view one business like another. All accounting firms do the same thing, all electricians do the same thing. When this perception exists you are left to compete on price. One of the most important marketing strategies the small business must master is the art of differentiation. Finding an important point of difference, one that matters to your ideal clients is the major focus of this lesson.


  20. It is useful article for me. I have many problems in affiliate marketing. But one is most “budget problem”.
    I knew some facts that internet business is not as dream.
    Its hard to get sucess in this field now.

  21. i am a chinese student.
    the biggest problem is the language.
    The most disturbing thing is write articles and copys.
    this problem may be the most special problem.
    the contents in your blog give me a lot of Inspiration.
    thanks very much.

  22. Im newbie on internet business, im build blog since 1 month ago, my problem

    1st : how to get many visitor visit myblog.
    2nd : problem im not too smart to write, how to create content rich?
    3nd : I do not have the product itself, what a good affiliate program making money?

    I hope you have time to visit and review myblog. this myblog http://sangmoneyholic.blogspot.com

    Many tks

  23. Internet marketing is a big, confusing industry filled with hype-driven sales pithces. Occasionally you do find the gems; that great ebook or software that will change the way you make money online forever!

    The difficult part is to brush aside the hype and find the ones that are really worth your time

  24. My biggest problem would be traffic generation and then getting more signups for my opt-in list. Hopefully when I’m done creating my member’s area and uploading free reports, they’ll start flowing in.

  25. My biggest problem is I duno where to start? There are so many different internet marketing methods, ie, email marketing, PPC, list building ……so on. And it all seems very “attractive.”
    How do u pick the one the start with to build up momentum?
    I hav to admit that I’m a total newbie to IM.

  26. I’m currently having problems with my conversion, ive increased my traffic by 200% and click ahve more than trebled, but my optins have not risen with the same conversion rate..

  27. Conversion is an issue. However, I also want to know negotiating strategies for JVs with big list holders. I’m developin a product and would like a couple “players” to take part. Thanks!

  28. My biggest problem is creating enough quality content. There never seems to be enough and post to multiple blogs every day.

    I saw one person above say that the secrets of IM seem to be closely guarded by a select few making all the money – I could not disagree more. It is true that they make a lot of money off newbies but that’s because it is human nature to look for and buy quickest-fix solutions.

    Here’s the secret – get really good at driving traffic to websites. focus all your time on it until you have solid traffic then do your best to improve conversions. traffic and conversions – simple as that.

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