World Internet MEGA Summit, Singapore!

What an awesome five days in Singapore that was! It was more like a vacation to me than a business trip.

On the 25th May, I flew from Sydney, Australia to Singapore. It took a long 7 1/2 hours. When I arrived in Singapore the heat almost killed me! It’s winter in Australia so shifting from a cold area to a hot and humid area is difficult to adapt to I tell ya that.

It was the first time I’ve met all these Internet marketers in person, yet it felt like I knew them for a lifetime. I communicate with them online but meeting them in person is a totally different experience.

It was a disaster when I accidentally deleted all the photos on camera after the first day. I still don’t know how to work this sophisticated camera.

Anyway, I took some photos from my trip. Here they are…

Just a snapshot of the 4 star hotel Frank Bauer and I stayed in

The Warrior Forum meeting – The day before the seminar started. There was about 50 Warriors in this pre-seminar meeting.

Melvin Ng, me and Frank Bauer

Ian Del Carmen, Ladan Lashkari, Joseph Then (back), Edmund Loh and me

Here’s what 3,000+ people looks like…

Dr. Mani and me

Edmund Loh and Me. A while back we worked on a project together called PLR Secrets Exposed.

On our break – Me, Edmund Loh, James B. Allen, Gobala Grishnan and Melvin Ng

Fireball Marketing Vs. Unstoppable Profits. Who will win the battle of Internet marketing? That’s Ian Del Carmen and me.

Edmund Loh, Ian Del Carmen and me

Me and Edmund Loh again

Frank Bauer, me, and “someone else” networking.

That’s James Brown…this guy makes a killing online.

Frank Bauer, Ian Del Carmen, me, Mark Joyner and Bruce Gibson

Yes, that’s me and Mike Filsaime’s trademark if you noticed from every photo I take with him.

The Butterfly Marketing Gang (again) – Tom Beal (This guy’s Mr. Super Confident…very motivating to be around him), me, Mike Filsaime and Frank Bauer

Catching up..it’s been a while :)

I noticed that Mark Joyner likes to pout his lips like a goldfish when he takes photos.  That’s us waiting for our private bus to head down to the speakers only dinner on the last day of the seminar.

L-R – Sajjan (Mark Joyner’s wife), Frank Bauer, Brett McFall (co-founder of WIS), Dane (my aussie friend), me, Tom Beal and Mr “Niche On Crack”, Andrew Hansen

Ewen Chia and me… second time we met.  This guy’s really friendly.

Fresh fish and chilli crab on the other side…yum…


Oh yes…cool little bar we went to while we were at Singapore. Tiger beer rocks.

Ok.. seminar’s over! Let’s spend our Singaporian dollars!

Talk about shop ’til you drop! I could spend all day shopping there if I wanted to.

Can’t get lost here.

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore…woohoo.
If you ever visit Singapore, make sure you try the chilli crab! I can’t get over it.

Bottom line – Internet marketing can get lonely at times, since most work at home. Internet marketing is an awesome, awesome lifestyle. Attending live seminars is a must if you’re serious about your Internet business. Not only do you get to meet the speakers and learn so much valuable content from them, you’re set in an environment where there’s like-minded people who you can network and JV with. That itself is priceless.

Even if you know most of what the speakers teach, there might be a light bulb moment. To be honest, going to seminars like this has grown by business rapidly. New ideas spark, a different perspective to things appear and the “big picture” comes to mind. Because of this event alone I’m preparing for my very own coaching/mentoring program.

And thinking that this was a business trip, it was more like a vacation to me as it was my first time to Singapore.

5 Quick Tips To Make The Most Out Of Seminars

  1. This one may seem obvious – Take as much notes as possible. Instead of making a list of notes, draw a mindmap. This will help you absorb and retrieve the information more effectively.
  2. Meet as many attendees and speakers as possible. Let them know what you do and how you can help the other person. Vice versa. Brett McFall, co-founder of WIS, gave a small piece of advice when networking. He said instead of telling others what you do, ask them “How can I help you?”. Also, make sure to get your name cards/business cards done.
  3. Bring or buy a camera – nowadays photos are the autographs. A picture is worth a thousand words. Start your own blog and post those photos on your blog just like how I’m doing it.
  4. Have a goal in mind when attending an event. This will help you filter out whatever does not align to your goal. So if you came to the seminar to specifically meet one of the speakers in person, make it a must. You don’t have to have just one goal, just know what you’re there for.
  5. Have fun! Loosen up, relax and unwind a little. Make it a 2-in-1 event for you – a business event + vacation. Make sure to take immediate action straight after a seminar. If you’re not implementing anything you’ve learnt from the seminar within a couple of days, you’re not taking this business seriously.

Next seminar event I’ll be attending – Internet Mastery Secrets, Sydney – June 15th – 17th.

Also, Mike Filsaime’s The Internet Marketing Main Event III – September 13th – 16th San Francisco.

I really do hope to meet you in person and shake your hand in one of these events.

Until next time, take care.

To your unstoppable success,

Aurelius Tjin

Credits: Thanks to Dee Ferdinand for some professional photos.


  1. Hi Aurelius,

    The tiger beer was great… and I also enjoyed the Singapore Sling. :)

    Looking forward to the Internet Mastery Secrets and the Internet Marketing Main Event III.

    Best regards,

    Frank Bauer

    PS: When I came back I noticed that I dropped slightly below the top 50 mark. Still got until the 6th to raise above it… so here is my public call to vote. ;)

    Vote for me at… http://FrankBauer.name/blog/110

  2. Hey Aurelius

    Great post. Hope to catch up with you again if I get to go to Mike’s marketing main event!

    Ciao for now

    – Melvin Ng
    PS: Was my pleasure knowing you.

  3. That is a great diary and an inspiration for me!! I have been neglecting the long term aspect of my websites lately and you’ve given me encouragement to get out there again. Looks as if you had a brilliant time, make sure you come to the UK soon.

  4. Great Pics Aurelius, you look as handsome as ever! Thanks for sharing your trip with us all, give us something to dream about doing.

    Sally :)

  5. Hi Aurelius,

    It was nice meeting you in Singapore.

    By the way, great collection of pictures. Must’ve taken you some time to create it.

    Well, this means another blog page saved into my “WIS Memories” folder. :)

    (Hint: The previous one was Edmund Loh’s)

    Best wishes,

  6. Aurelius,

    Its nice meeting you in singapore. But unfortunately you don’t paste any of my pics on your blog.

    If you don’t have I can share one with you.

    Lateef – from nigeria

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