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To keep myself motivated and inspired, I align myself with great people – mastermind groups, famous people, people who’ve achieved amazing results, and even my subscribers; who’ve been really positive and kept me going since the start.

What I Learned From Sylvester Stallone…

Success can be yours, whether it’s to build a successful business or lose an extra five pounds. You have to put forth the effort because it takes work.

There are certain principles that you need to follow to achieve your goals. In this video article, we’ll discuss the life of Sylvester (Sly) Stallone, who I highly admire and respect, to give us some ideas that will help get to where we want to be.

Stallone, from a very early age knew he wanted to be in movies. When he started trying to break into movies, it was not a very smooth road for him. He was turned down for part after part in every attempt. He was told,

“You are stupid looking. People don’t want to see a movie star that talks out of the side of his mouth.”

That never stopped him from trying over and over…

A Burning Desire Will Keep You Focused…

You see, he had this “burning desire” to be in the movie industry. Rejection after rejection did not stop him. He changed his approach and tried again. His wife told him to get a job because they were starving and did not have money for food nor heat. Still he would not give up.

She told him to “get a job” but he refused to do that because he was scared of getting caught up in that vicious cycle. He did not want to do anything that would take him in a different direction than being in the movies. He did not want to give up the “hunger”. He knew the outcome and he knew his vision; he just needed to find the right approach. He kept changing his approach.

He went to the library mainly to get warm and started reading Edgar Allan Poe poetry. This got him looking at things differently. He said, “Reading Poe’s works got him out of himself and helped him change his approach.” He kept that burning desire alive. He burnt every bridge that led to a different outcome than what he wanted.

He decided to write and every script was rejected. Nothing seemed to work.

He Sold His Best Friend…

Finally, he sold a script, “Paradise Alley”, for $100. That money didn’t last long. He was flat broke. He stole his wife’s jewelry (bad idea). He was so desperate that he decided to sell his dog, his best friend. He went to a liquor store and tried to sell his dog to strangers for $50. No body would buy the dog. He changed his approach and finally a guy negotiated with him and bought his dog for $25.00. He left there and cried. He said this was the lowest point in his life.

He was watching Muhammad Ali fight Wepner. Ali was handily beating Wepner but Wepner would not quit. He kept coming back time after time. This gave him the idea for the movie “Rocky”. He started writing a script and wrote continuously for 20 hours. The script was now done. He tried to sell the script and got rejection after rejection.

Sly Wanted To Star In The Movie…

After several rejections, someone believed in the script and made an offer to buy it for $125,000. He said he would sell it but he wanted to star in the movie. He was told he was not the right person, an unknown. He refused the offer even though he had no money and was broke.

He was then offered $250,000, not to star in his own movie, and he turned the offer down. The offer was upped to $325,000 and he refused that offer. He ended up selling the script for $35,000 plus a percentage of the movie receipts. He accepted because he could now realize his burning desire, he would be the star.

The first thing he did was to go back to the liquor store to find the guy who bought his dog. He found the guy and offered him $100. The man refused the offer. He kept upping the offer. Still the man would not sell the dog. He changed his approach and bought the dog for $15,000 and, the man got a part in the movie.

So what can you learn from Stallone and what does this have to do with your success in your business and/or life in general??

  • Stallone had a burning desire. He knew the outcome, his vision, took action and stayed focused. This is absolutely necessary if a person intends to succeed in any thing started.
  • Stallone was not afraid to change his approach. He did so several times. To make sure one is keeping up with current trends, changing directions is
    mandatory, especially if we are not succeeding with our current approach.
  • He burnt all other bridges. He refused to take any path that did not lead to where he was going. To be successful, one must keep the goal in mind and
    refuse any detour that will lead somewhere else. You must stay focused on the goal.
  • Stallone made sacrifices. Even when he was flat broke and was offered as much as $325,000 for his script with someone else in the starring role, he refused the offer. To reach a desired outcome, we need to make sacrifices. A quick fix may look good at the time but will it lead to where you want to be.

To get the outcome you desire, you must have a burning desire, not be afraid to change approaches, burn all other bridges and make necessary sacrifices.

I hope this story’s inspired you to not only reach your goals and desires, but to show you that it is possible for anyone to succeed in anything…even Sly made it.

Tell me who inspires YOU and WHY, or simply feel free to leave your comments/feedbacks…


  1. Jesus inspires me. He teaches me that it is by becoming nothing that you become something. It is by giving that you receive. It is by losing yourself that you find yourself.

  2. Hi Aurelius,

    I’m inspired by you, Frank Bauer, Ray Edwards,
    Dan J. Blackburn, Mari Peckham, Mark Joyner,
    Reed Floren, Steve Pierce, Ben Fitts, and
    the late, great, Kevin E. Anderson, founder
    of Cognigen.

    All of these people showed kindness and
    generosity, and helped me achieve my goals.

    And for that I’m grateful.

    Thanks Aurelius, good vid!

    Best Wishes,
    Jeff Davis

  3. Hi Aurelius,

    You inspire me to get things going and never give up, you always quote “you don’t have to get it right, just get it going” and I have applied this in everything I do.

    I would never have believed Sly Stallone could inspire anyone let alone you!

    But it just goes to show that inspiration can found in the most unusual people and places!

    Sally :)

  4. Thank-you for reminding us of all the “behind-the-scenes” work that goes on with those we label as “over-night successes”

    When you are truly passionate about something and have a burning desire to attain that, remeber that it is already yours. It may not have manifested in the physical realm yet because that takes a bit more time and some effort on your part.

    It’s almost as is the Universe wants to test those who are truly serious from those who are merely joking.

    The Stallone story is really inspirational and reminds us once and again to never, ever give up.

  5. (this is my alternate website)

    I have been inspired by many people; among them, my Granpa (who touched everyone, and was loved by many), Gandhi, Mohamed Ali, Lance Armstrong, and all the different people who ,despite of their limitations, or sickness, made a positive mark in humanity .eg, Christopher Reeves, Michael J Fox. …and by movies, such as, A beautiful Mind, Lean on Me, Remember the Titans, The Peaceful Warrior, Rocky (yes), Seven Years in Tibet… I am inspired by anyone who shows me he/she overcame obstacles to reach their dream. I am amazed at the number of people who are unsung heroes. I am inspired by Generosity , unconditional Love (=love of humanity), sharing, giving, caring, and all the wonderful qualities we have in us. You are an inspiration, Aurelius, look at your accomplishment already.

  6. I have to admit Aurelius, I’ve never understood inspirational models as a motivating factor. Did Stallone have someone who inspired him? Or did he simply have a goal that provided all the motivation he needed (and more :-)

    I tend to think that if you want something very much you’ll do it, and you won’t need inspirational models because you’re already unstoppable.

    And if people actually do need inspirational models, then how important are the goals they’re going for? Would they be better off finding things that are more meaningful for them?

    Thanks for a great blog Aurelius. You have a wonderful attitude and the information and products you provide are first class.

  7. Thank you Aurelius, messages like this help us to go far. I needed in the moment that I recieved a message from clickbank that I can’t use their services because I live in Puerto Rico. I don’t give up , I have the same burning desire to do internet business.
    Thank you.

  8. Thanks Jansie. I don’t want to talk too much about religion, since everyone has their own beliefs. I’m catholic and believe in Jesus, yes…but I’m not too religious.

    Aurelius Tjin

  9. Alan, thanks for your feedback, as usual.

    Jeff – That’s very nice of you to catergorize me in your inspirational models. Thank you :)

    Sally, Yes. Stallone might not look like the person who you’d admire, because not many people knew his story. In fact, not many people know most successful people’s story – what they’ve been through, their struggle, their failures etc.

  10. Thanks “The Law of Attraction Practitioner”. “The Secret” is also a highly-recommend watching. People who aren’t entrepreneurs think it’s all bullstuff, well judging by the non-entrepreneurs I know who’ve watched it.

    Emrick – Great list you got there.

    Christine – “Models as a motivating factor” – I look up to people who have already achieved what I want, and study what they’ve done, their products (if any) and basically just get involved with everything they do. I model success, not copy or duplicate.

    Yes, some people are naturally driven to get what they want without “modelling success”. But I think that we all have our own unique gifts and it’s there to serve a purpose.

    When all the negativity surrounds you, would you give up and join those who are being negative about you? Would you tell them “Yea, maybe you’re right..maybe this isn’t for me” — Or is your burning desire strong enough to fight off any negativity so you can prove them wrong and get what you want?

    Stallone INSPIRED ME because of that part when his wife told him to get a job. I felt like I was in the same boat – I was currently studying, stacking boxes as a job, and parents telling me to go to University so I can get a “real job”.

    I didn’t listen to them. In fact, I did the complete OPPOSITE. I dropped out of college and pursued my Internet marketing career. As of today, my mum still bugs me about getting a “real job”, even though I work on my business full-time now.

    So who can you turn to who’ll keep you positive and focused with your “burning desire”?

    For me, like I shared, are people like Stallone, my mastermind group (one of them who’s been there for me since the start is Frank Bauer, from http://www.FrankBauer.name)…hmm who else – Mike Filsaime for creating something so powerful that turned me around from an ordinary “John Smith”, to an overnight success.

    And of course, my subscribers. Without you guys and gals, I wouldn’t have the drive and momentum to continue doing this. I think I would still be stacking boxes at the grocery store.

    In the Internet marketing field, I’m in the list building and relationship building business, so that’s one thing I highly focus on. I hate bombarding subscribers with offers without adding any value.

    There’s already hundreds of others sending you blatant ads and offers, most likely, and I just don’t want to be another one of them.

    I know people who send out offers seven times a week and making a lot. I’m happy that they’re happy, but it’s not my way of doing business. If I see a product/service that’s of value, that’s when I’d recommend it to you. I fully review the product before letting you know.

    Anyway, I just feel really blessed and grateful. Nothing makes me feel better than to help you others!

    Aurelius Tjin

  11. Hi Aurelius

    Isn’t it funny that the toughest of all tasks is described by just one word, like FOCUS, Faith, Belief.

    We get easily distracted, lose faith and belief when the tough gets going. We blame the environment and everything else we can ;)We tend to change direction and promise to come back when things get better but never really did because by then, priorities have changed as the variables change.

    Sly stayed focus, has faith in what he wanted to achieve despite the setbacks and was not tempted by the money to sell his script even at desperate times. It takes a lot of conviction to stay focused on your goal. I salute him for that.

    I totally empathize with your situation about being nagged to get a real job as I faced that similar situation many years back although I relented and got a degree (to please my parents) despite not liking what I was doing. However,I did not get a ‘proper’ job after graduation and did ‘stuff’ that I was passionate in but did not pay ;) such as theatre and the arts.

    That is why Internet Marketing is the ideal ‘job’ for me as it allows me the freedom to pursue my passion.

    Anyone who has overcome adversity is an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing.

    I never expected to write such a long post…guess I just got carried away.

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