What Made You Decide To Go Online?

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I wanted to take the time to learn more about you, and basically start a discussion about the topic of starting out online. In addition, I hope it will help you refocus, reallign and learn why you started this business in the first place.


How did you first find out about online marketing/this type of business? Was it an ad you saw while you were surfing the ‘net? Maybe a friend influenced you about the opportunity.

What made you decide to pursue this business? Is it the lifestyle? Had enough of your job? To diverse your offline business by going online?

I’ll kick start this post off by starting first…

I first found out about online marketing from a banner ad which read “60 minute money! You can make a full-time income working at home with just a computer, an Internet connection and 60 minutes of work a day. Click Here!” As cheesy as it may sound, I clicked to find out more. Don’t sit there laughing. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were triggered to click on this type of ad, too :)

I decided to pursue this business because I hated studying “theory” at school and working at a job, where I was limited to what I could earn. Two things led me to this ultimate decision – 1) Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ book 2) How school theory applies in the real world. You may argue about this but that’s my thought.

So that’s my mini story. Whether you’re doing this business part-time or full-time, feel free to share your story by posting in the comment box below. I’d love to read yours, and I’m sure others will, too. (You don’t need to reveal anything personal)


  1. I bought into a course late last year. I finaly got my first website up in March. I am still building it. It seems to be a slow process. I have not made any money with yet, however it has been fun.

  2. Mainly to make some more money through ethical and responsible means. There are many genuine opportunities in Internet marketing, if (i). people look hard enough (ii). people work hard enough (iii). duplicate their success and share their success with others.
    Internet marketing will implode within the next few years, and the only ones left who will make good money online are those who concentrate their efforts on relationship marketing. of course the big multi-nationals will also increase their presence on the web, making it harder for the small guy to succeed. But it is possible.
    Even look at my link and see how easty it really is, once you really get your head around it. Good Luck.

  3. I was in my 40’s & still didn’t know what I wanted ‘to do’ when I saw alot of something similar to the ’60 minute money’. Well, I knew that was an income(the lightbulb) and altho people laughed at my ideas, I haven’t lost the urge. It’s just been slow.

  4. I retired with a small monthly check. Wanted to do better. Tried and failed at everything. Found Ad Cash Generator and have made money ever sense. I work 15 minutes a day and get paid every day.
    I can promote if I want or I don’t have to. I still get paid.

  5. I started by accident. I created a hobby site and after 2 years decided that I needed it to pay its way.

    I added adsense and got money.

    I was more careful about SEO ( now get ave 500 unique organic visitors a day) and got more money.
    I spend a couple of hours a month and its pays for my tai chi training and books.

    As they say on the shampoo ads rinse and repeat.

  6. I was looking at setting up blog on woodworking and started researching for information on how to make money with your blog. My first online marketing experience was with Affiliate Cash Secret. The rest is history. Although I’m not making a ton of money I’m gaining ton of experience on blogging, web design,etc. Once I feel comfortable with IM I will get back to my woodworking blog.

  7. @ Norm – that’s what Internet marketing should be – fun! If it’s not a fun process then you’re certainly not enjoying it. Great to see you’ve got your website up.

    @ John – Nice tips you’ve shared with us there. I agree with most of what you’ve said. Persistence pays off.

    @ Michelle – I know how you feel :) Talk about people laughing at you…I’ve been there. Those who block negativity like that will keep going.

    @ Alan – Excellent! I was always taught to keep doing what works until it doesn’t work anymore. Your success is a great example.

    @ Rosie – I partially had the same experience too. I had a website up because I liked anything that had to do with computers. My site was getting traffic so I said to myself “I might as well make money from it”, or in other words “monetize” your website.

    @ Pierre – An ideal plan. I had a niche site I wanted to build and maintain but didn’t have the experience to make money from it so I learned as much as I could about IM. I started with copywriting first.

    Thanks for your comments!

  8. Well I just wanted a website for my Natural health clinic.

    I started to look into it and …3 years later I’ve got a site on allergies, I’ve written a book on article marketing, built a teaching site for Internet beginners and just completing a project on listbuilding.


    Lots of work and lots of fun – quite addictive in fact.


    All The Best


  9. Doe to health problems a few years ago, I was forced to be home a lot more. So I got into computers, building a website, marketing, etc. I really enjoyed it. I get to work when I want. It makes it really nice.


  10. Aurelius, my decision was also because of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, where he emphasized so much on ‘pay yourself first’.

    Just last year I stumbled upon an ad in the newspaper about this man claiming he made $15k++ per week. Well I went for the seminar and he was the typical sales person where he promised you make lots of money if you join his program.

    I decided to find another alternative by searching online and I started my first website in April this year. I found myself searching and buying so many internet marketing products non-stop. Until I read your Unstoppable PP report and I notice most of the things you said in the report was like describing me :-p So I just followed your advice in the report and stopped purchasing products and started taking action.

    I’m still learning as much as I can and aim to build my first stable income stream by the end of this year.

    I’m currently enjoying it..

    Hoping to become as successful as Aurelius :-)

    Anyway wish all of you the best in your business!

  11. Four heart attacks and five stents in my heart. Loss of income, a 100% disabled wife, bills piling up, loss of vehicle, medical expenses and a whole lot more. I am just trying to earn a passive income so we do not loose our home. Right now my wife’s disability covers 85% of the home bills with very little left over. I am good on a computer and the internet. I have talked to other so called Guru’s who have said let me help. What a joke that is. They tell you what they feel is wrong with your site and offer no credible solutions. Thank you for asking why I am trying to sell on the internet. I have been with you for a long time. Thanks again for asking.

    Thank you

  12. For me the inner salesman has always sought a way to express himself, and blogging and online marketing has been an opportunity to get started towards recurring income without needing to invest any major amounts.
    Things have financed themselves and it has been one of the most fun endeavours ever – especially because I can enjoy ALL the fruits of my labor. There’s no boss to share earnings with. :-)

  13. I had back surgery and lots of time to kill, so a friend of mine let
    me borrow a computer to play with.I started selling resell rights products and made a little money and I got hooked.This may sound easy, but did I mention I had never used a computer before?

    I now sell my own products, as well as some affiliate marketing, but my earnings really took off when I finally took the time to build a list!I find it not only financially rewarding, but exciting as well, to be able to send a broadcast message to my list and watch the sales roll in!

    I no longer get up at 4am to go to work and I must say, I do not miss it at all.

    Success to all,


  14. Aurelius,

    I started just like you did by clicking on a banner.
    I clicked banners before but everytime i thougt it was to difficult to do. But then it got me thinking. If i didn’t start something i would be in the same situation in 20 or 30 years from now on. I started at a company were you can earn money just by shopping. In the mean time i am a referral in several homebusiness opportunities. I still have my day job but i am (l)earning bit by bit.

    Thank you

  15. I originally had to learn about computers at work because of my job. I then got injured and became handi-capped and because I liked the computer so much I went out and purchased a setup. I started looking at different ways to supliment my income so I began learning everything there is to know about marketing. The unfortunate part of that was I received information overload like a lot of other people. I know have my first niche site up and running and am going to start working on an affiliate site while working on niche sites.

  16. After being in the hospital for yes a small
    heart attack and getting layed off at my job
    I decided to give internet marketing a go And
    it is really starting to take off with my new
    health products website I have learned many ways
    to promote it and all my freinds at Lgt have giving
    me the tools to survive


  17. I have been trying to make some money for a few years and would have been regarded a failure but I have continued to keep the faith and am now working on a new website in a niche product that looks promising to devellop my own products.

    Now using BeBiz and “Insider Secrets” 2008 version from the IMC and Derek Gehl with real confidence that this time I will succeed at last. Will update you in a few months time.

    Steve. (UK).

  18. What report is Gerard above referring to? I, just like a lot of others, have been doing the same thing: Running from one program to the next and getting nowhere. After an injury and long recovery I knew I was not going to be able to return to work and earn the kind of money I was used to. In fact I ended up losing everything for lack of medical coverage. I began looking into any means I could find to supplement my disability income and realizing the internet is now the newest frontier this is where I find myself. Still unfocused and not sure which way to turn. I guess I’ll look for and find some membership site with specific instructions and go from there. This bouncing around has gotten me nowhere and I’m tired of spending money that I don’t have.

  19. Hi,
    I started looking for something to start as a second income. the company I work for keeps cutting my hours and I was looking for something to help me pick up the slack.
    I am a merchandiser and it is very HARD work. I am not afraid of hard work but I don”t want to still be doing this type work at 70.
    I thought if I could find something that I could do in my spare time I could maybe build it into a full time income and I could stop working my self to death.
    I could stop working so hard and enjoy life.Go see my son and his family, do some traveling and maybe retire.

  20. Hi Aurelius –

    I ended up taking care of my parents. My father was starting to fall down and my mother has Alzheimer’s. If he fell she wouldn’t know how to call for help. If she ran away he might not realize it for quite some time. Basically they both needed to be looked after. I soon turned into a 24/7 situation so I couldn’t work and take care of them. We were barely getting by financially and then dad died from heart failure so we lost his social security and small pension so the situation got worse.

    When my father died he had credit card debt and there wasn’t any money to pay. So they called every day. After I took care of the expenses related to his death there was about $1000 left. When your exhausted and stressed out you sometimes make bad choices and sometimes make good choices by accident. I decided to by a cheap computer at WalMart so I could cut down on driving to get things like tax forms and research Alzheimer’s disease.

    One day in the AOL financial section I found a small work at home section. Made a bad choice and tried the get paid for taking surveys route. Hours signing up to survey companies and doing surveys to get no cash. Only coupons and discounts and the opportunity to enter drawings for money. It took months to get out of that mess and stop the spam mail. The one thing that I got good out of that was I noticed that the main survey place I signed up with had an affiliate program. I never promoted the survey business but I became aware of affiliate programs and started to notice them all over the place. Not just for junk but good products as well. That set me on the path I’m on.

    Shortly after that I came across the Free PLR Giveaway. I signed up to it and ended up on a few dozen lists and started to learn. I’ve been learning ever since. With the site I’m working on now which was created this past May 16th (my parents wedding anniversary) I’ve made $80 from ClickBank. I learned a lot and have been able to get all the tools I need. The most important thing I think is stop thinking about what your going to do it and just do it. You can change it and add to it and polish it after you get it up and running. Once you get a site or blog up and you make your first dollar you know you can do it. I started out of desperation and now I love doing it.

    Thanks – John

  21. Whew, straining the old grey cells here. Feels like I’ve almost always been online, but of course that can’t be as I’ve been working for about 40 years!

    We were in the promotional advertising business when desktop computers came into being and when we exited that business I entered the world of the Internet as a supplemental business in the early 90s, creating websites and training people how to use the net and computers.

    My first major website (minor by today’s standards) is what hooked me. It was a website that I created to stop construction of Canada’s first Super Jail (pod structure) in our back yard (quite literally). The website was proclaimed the best political justice website in the world by an American University specializing in justice … yep, I was hooked .. what potential! Yes, we did succeed in stopping the Super Jail and it was built in another community – where all the bad things that we said would happen, did. INFORMATION and free access to it, is what made it succeed. That was 14.4 modem days too!

    No money in that, but what a morale boost and, being an entrepreneur, I saw what potential this new medium had!

    Many mini efforts followed, as we all experience, but then I partnered with a friend that was writing courses for the Canadian Insurance industry and we put it all online. We soon became the largest online certified provider for that industry in Canada – and still are (my partner passed away 3 years ago), but with a new business relationship we now have over 15 in-house cs, support, and technical staff. My involvement there is now minimal.

    I work full-time, from home, and I asked my wife to retire about 4 years ago from her merchandising work to enjoy our children and grandchildren. She is now busy than ever and online everyday with her hobby with http://www.bookcrossing.com

    I’m involved in 4 other online business ventures and enjoying every minute of it – and just started the newest one in the past few months! My commute to work is very short … 2 staircases from the top floor bedroom to my basement (backyard ground level) office.

    I enjoy my toy, http://www.bogie.ca/adrenalin/, and because our children no longer live at home, here is our newest family member (yes, he has his own website) http://www.tunku-royalprince.com … just to show you what working online, from home, allows you to enjoy.

    BTW, I just celebrated my 60th birthday this month. “How is anyone going to know you’re 60, if you don’t act 60!”. Well, I don’t act 60 at all … the net and working online keeps me young! Learning more everyday and sharing what I already know and have experienced.

    “Think Like A Winner”
    James, Canada

  22. I left school with zero qualifications. I just wanted to work and experience the world. And I did. Even after I put myself through college and then University, I just couldn’t settle in a job. Either people I worked with were stagnant in their positions, unwilling to look at new ideas, or someone didn’t like my passion for progression and change, and generally made life miserable. (Later I realized that the only people they were miserable with was themselves!).
    So, having now worked for myself for over 8 years, I decided to take things online. After an initial slow start and literally, HUNDREDS of mistakes and lost money online, I’ve finally started seeing some slow but positive results.
    I think there’s a jungle of crap out there on the internet, and over the years, I’m sure many of you have, like me, signed up for every potential money making offer out there, only to be sorely dissapointed with the results and lack of support. And where are those people now? NOWHERE!
    Making money online is possible, but there are no easy shortcuts and nothing but persistence and hard work is going to make you money. The key is to let your online business do most of the work for you. If you’re running a website that needs constant attention, such as answering emails, requires you to mail out eproducts personally, then you’re spending too much time doing and not earning.
    Stay away from anything by ‘Shawn Casey’ – I’m not even sure that guy exists after I received a phone call from New Delhi with a not-so-serious sales clerk on the end, laughing as she asked me if I was interested in signing up for ‘his’ latest products.

    Working for yourself is the best thing in the world (next to seeing your kids be born and eating chocolate when they’re not around to whip it from under your nose!) Be persistent, and NEVER EVER give up. Always remember why you started doing this in the first place, keep your dreams in sight but don’t live with your head in the clouds!

  23. PS) Meant to add: I also use IMC by Corey Rudl (2005 version).
    I bought it and then left it for months before actually seriously going through it. I still use it now and it has helped me immensely. It was such a loss to the online world when Corey lost his life in a car crash. But he died doing what he loved – racing cars.

  24. I have been using the www to market my products for a good 20 years or more. Sites like http://www.buildersrisks.com, http://www.cmis.org, http://www.demolitioninsurance.net, http://www.wrap-ups.net have made us several million dollors over the years.

    Why did I invade other areas? Partially curiosity, partly because I know that with the right formula and the right products, one can make a lot of money selling on line.

    Most of the so called “programs” advertised on the web have no product, just a dream of riches. You know who profits from those! Not the poor guy who plucks his 29.95 or so down to try to capture his dream.

    Making money can be one of the easiest things in the world, or one of the most elusive things. It is normally based on hard work at some junction. There may be some places where one does not have to work hard, but there are dues to be paid somewhere along the way.

    I recently tried a line of products which may eventually gain a following at a shopping mall franchise: http://www.grandmall.com/cstephenson.

    Setting a product in motion takes time and patience, and more of an investment in time, energy, and money than most are willing to tell you. And, it takes a lot of refinement of the original concept. I have just sent the programmers several pages of suggestions for revising this last site to improve its pulling power.

    Marketing is an art form, no doubt about it. Your presentation is half the battle. The customer is looking for something. Your site catches his attention. Can it hold that attention long enough to get him to the check out counter? That is the challenge! How many other products are competing for his attention (and his dollar)? If your site is not easily navigable, if it is slow loading, or hard to read, you lose a lot of potential customers.

    Some of my sites are single purpose sites. Demolitioninsurance.net aims at advertising a single product. Buildersriks.com is a successful site that generates a good stream of business. It does contain links to other sites, and it provides applications for several other products. However, it is essentially a single product site.

    I do not use many of the things “mlm marketers” use. They do not work for my core clientelle.

    For the mall business, we will use a variety of techniques to get the mall ranked in the search engines, and emails and other devices will be used to generate a flow of traffic announcing the mall and its contents.

    Marketing a book in a quasi-reading society is the biggest challenge. We listed the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and various other places, and we set up its own website: http://www.thevictimsofthesage.com. The book is an adventure book, a mystery, a western, and a book of philosophy. Getting readers for it has been the biggest internet challenge.

  25. There is a revolution coming your way. So huge … so powerful … it will be unavoidable.

    This sentence “Got My Attention”.

    I have made initial startup investment of $150,000.00 plus in a bricks and mortar Franchise Business with an on going monthly operating cost averaging $30,00.00 to breakout before making one dime in profits. Did I make money, yes, but only if I was personally present and hands on 100% on a daily basis. After 20 years I realized that my growth and profit potential was severely limited. I read many great books on business and marketing and started searching online seeking a better way to “Help Make People’s Lives Better” by helping them too become successful online. I am fascinated by the fact that online the world is your market place.

    I met Aurelius online last year and he has been a mentor and inspiration to me and my online business. This could not have happen at my storefront!

    A vast amount of new wealth is about to be created in the next ten years…and you can be part of it!

    It’s not the “Wind” that determines our destiny, the same wind blows on us all; it’s the setting of the sail: (Jim Rohn)

    Set Your Sail and “Win”
    Buddy Holley

  26. I had a wellness business going for a few years. During that time I had the idea to export. I was in close contact with Austrade (Australian export co.- Government), I was introduced to many ways of how to gain market exposure, and one was by having your own web site. I had one made for about $14,000.00 (AUD). At that time, I borrowed to get the web site up and running. Unfortunately, like most small business’s these days, i did not have enough capital to keep going. The business was put on hold, intil I could create more capital. If anyone is interested, the web site address is http://www.harrodfoods.com.au. Now, after about 2 years, I have started my own web site, www,stuffgalore.com.au, and if I can keep up the focus, I will be changing my web site completely, as the one I now have, even though, when I first created it by myself, I was very proud of the effort. Now I can see how amateurish it looks. Still, that is why I have started back into the Internet, to get my IM business going.
    Regards Harry Deitch. (Sydney, Australia)>

  27. My childhood dream was to open a lollie shop, and as an adultin my 40’s still wanted to open a specialty chocolate or confectionery shop. I discovered the price of commercial space was beyond my capacity as a business just starting out – so I went online instead. I appreciate the help that you and others like you worldwide give freely to people like me who are reasonably new to internet marketing.

  28. There are so many online internet marketing service provider companies advertising on the internet, moving out online marketing solutions that it is tricky to choose which internet marketing company to faith to do your search engine marketing.

  29. I started my internet quest after I read an ad in the local newspapers. I was so taken in by their marketing and was duly scammed.

    I knew how stupid I was eight months later when I found out that the thousands I had paid to get my web site up can be done free or at one twentieth, maybe even less at elance, the amount I had paid.
    Nonetheless, I still felt that there are abundant of opportunities in the internet world and persisted. It was easy but I am seeing results.

    The internet business is the ultimate solution to my wanting to have a free life – take holidays anytime I wish, go shopping or have a good meal anytime I wish to without having to fight the weekend crowd or after office crowd. Basically to live life on my own terms.

  30. I am a Totally Disabled Viet-Nam Vet that’s living on a rather small fixed Disability income supporting both myself, & my Mom. It seems like there is always a lot more Month left at the end of the Money. I started on eBay and Overstock.com but it wasn’t enough, so for around a year+ now, I have been trying to make the extra Money I need now online. I have 2+ websites online but I have yet to make a single cent! Don’t worry, I’m not quitting, I find that the more I try, the more addicting it becomes! I may not be making the cash right now, but I do know that I WILL MAKE THE MONEY sooner or later. Hummm??

  31. I started back in 97 when it was all kinda new i remember my 1st website made from word and publisher 98 OMG it looked good then but now it would be yuk

    Any way Im now a single parent with my 4 yr old boy so it fits in with my lifestyle and above all its fun and exciting to know YES you can make money but above all it great to have the contact with your customers after all the money is in the list and that is true.

    I have many websites http://365giveaway.co.uk ( great giveaways )
    http://365hostworld.com ( my hosting and domain site )
    http://365resell.com ( my free membership site )

    Now i make a steady income and im so glad i have conected with some of the big boys it has kept me on track Thanks Simon and Jeremey ;)

    Its the drive to have enough income ( not greed) to work from home and enjoy my life with my son.

    all the best to everyone stay with it

    Craig ( UK)

  32. P.S
    The hardest part now is i feel i need to outsource and or find a business partner (UK) but monies tight with some many projects on the go ..
    I have great ideas not even done yet but its getting the time…lol

  33. Mainly the U.S. economy. It has been in the dumper for about the last 20 years now. We are headed for another depression, and the recent, continuous, non-stop cost of fuel is going to be the nail in the coffin, and I say this because everything depends on oil either directly or indirectly.

    I read in a book somewhere where a republic form of government lasts about 200 years and this country is a tad over 230 years old, so if that book was even halfway truthful, the collapse of our nation could be just around the corner. Don’t laugh. The Soviet Union collapsed because of their economy (or lack of it) not all that long ago.

    So I am trying to depend on myself not for my income and not leaving it up to the economy or employment. The days where a person could get a job for 40 years, raise a family on that one income, and retire comfortably by the time the kids are out of the house, are long gone.

    It’s gotten to the point to where neither a college degree or a stable work history really even help anymore, and this is coming from someone who has both.

    So this is why I got into this online thing. For those who still depend on the politicians to do what’s right by the middle class, the very group that supports this country, you might also want to try and figure out how to generate an income instead of depending on a paycheck from some company.

    It’s the politicians that have been tearing the middle class apart from both ends, for quite some time now.

    Okay, that’s my rant, and that’s my reason. ;D

  34. Quite a number of years ago, I heard that Online business is a way to build MSI so I learn to do it. My first venture was affiliate marketing and started by sending out email to hot list, few people buy and my commission was about $500 but I never see the money because one smart fellow in this affiliate marketing company think that since the response is so good, I must be cheating and bar my account. After I explained to him, he released my account but he said he was sorry as he could not reverse the money back to me. :(

    to be continue………


  35. Thank you for your nice calling to leave our comment on how we was starting online business.I am very glad to talk what my first meeting with online business looked like.Nobody told me about making money online,basically there is no one in my surrounding doing this.I immediately came across to Nick’s site and i liked it.I met you at the beginning as well.I know the names of all marketers and that is beautiful-my virtual friends.

    Unfortunately i don’t make money yet,although it is my biggest wish!
    For now i write Abstracts on my favorite literaly works together with my personal self-improvement experience .
    If you are interesting in staying young forever visit my site.

  36. Hi,
    I went to the Internet marketing inorder to subsidize my income and make a good living. It has been a struggle and hopefully I can get over the struggle.
    Thank you for all the information you constantly provide to your readers

  37. What a wonderful topic!

    What got me to thinking about the possibility of making money online was a little company called “Agloco” (perhaps some of you remember THAT fiasco?). I didn’t get in to promoting Agloco, but while reading about it on other blogs I realized that folks really were making money online… at home. And home is where I wanted to be..with my family.

    I set out on a mission to learn all I could about how all this works and it has been the best thing I have done for me and for my family EVER.

    I detest the hypey phrases such as “it will change your LIFE”, but seriously… online marketing HAS changed my life. I also detest the phrase “make money while you sleep”, but… well, I DO make money while I sleep.

    Now, I am dedicated to spreading the word to others and bringing awareness to having some sort of online business…and helping them succeed. You do NOT need to spend thousands, or even hundreds, or dollars to make money online, either!

    Online marketing is the only business that I can think of that you can actually start for free, and work when YOU want to work it. That’s how I started – ZERO upfront costs. And heck, if *I* can do it, ANYONE can!

    Great blog and GREAT answers from your other commentators. It was very enlightening!


  38. I am a software engineer who started his career by working on e-commerce websites for our clients. This opened up my mind to the vast reach and power of the internet.
    That, and the huge amount of red tape involved in starting an offline business, made up my mind to go the online way.

  39. Sorry it took me long to write back here. I currently have no Internet connection due to a technical issue. It’s driving me insane, but that shouldn’t stop me.

    Anyway, Wow! Thanks for sharing your story folks. I read all and I thoroughly enjoyed ALL of them. It’s great to hear where people came from before they started out. I wanted to thank each and one of you, personally, for sharing your mini story but time and Internet connectivity is really restricted for me right now.

  40. I had to find a better way waiting tables for a living was the pits and I didn’t want to do it forever.

    Thats when I started to try to sell on Ebay which brought me to affiliate marketing and MLM. Within a years time I was able to quit my job and go full time. It’s two years later and I’m making over 6 figures a year.

    Everyone can make money online if you just find something you enjoy.

  41. That’s an easy question. I wanted to make enough money to fund music school and probably quit working for people and be my own boss.It isn’t as easy as the gurus paint it most of the times but I’m hoping to get there someday. I tried out affiliate marketing without any previous knowledge and never succeeded. Later got myself some information products on internet marketing. I’ve been studying them and applying all I learn along the way.

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