10 Unstoppable Conversion Tactics For Anyone Selling Anything Online

You probably already know that without website traffic, you can’t make the sale.

Traffic is one thing but converting your that traffic from prospects to customers is another.

I’ve written this report to give you the exact tactics I use to convert more visitors to customers and/or subscribers.

The amazing thing about these tactics is that it can be used in any niche — it doesn’t matter if you’re in the golf, dog, self-help or gardening niche. There are a couple of niches where it would be a bad idea to use these tactics, i.e. – gambling and the “S” word…you know what I’m talking about ;)

So makes sense?

It had been said, by advertising and marketing experts, that a “healthy” conversion rate for a direct-response type of website is 1.5%. So this means for every 100 unique visitors that land on your salesletter, one to two of them will buy your product.

From my own testing, squeeze pages (like UnstoppableResults.com), convert at about 30-35%. So again, for every 100 visitors that land on that page, 30-35 of them will optin for my offer.

So that’s the conversion tactics 101.

Let’s get down to the more practical stuff…

Unstoppable Conversion Tactic #1:
“Use Your Self-portrait to Instantly Build Trust”

Not too long ago, I read an article on the web which had the statistics of people who trust buying something from the web. It was something like 17.7%. This may or may not be accurate, depending on who they surveyed, geographical location, gender, age etc.

In general, we can use this statistic as a guide. We just know that, indeed, people are skeptical when they go online to buy something. So our job is to remove as much of that skeptism from them.

If you’ve visited any of my websites, you’ll notice that I almost always use my photo. Take a look at http://www.unstoppablemarkets.com/ for an example. It’s on the header graphic.

I don’t use it to make my website look fancy and pretty :). I use it to let visitors know that “Hey, I’m a real person, not a scam artist”.

There might be a few reasons why you’re not using a self-portrait on your site:

1. You’re lazy
2. You’re self-conscious
3. You think it’s a waste of time
4. You think it’s unnecessary

I may or may not be good looking to people, but who cares?

People buy based on their emotions, and justify their decisions with logic. In other words, they buy things that’ll instantly satisfy and gratify their emotions; like something that’ll enhance their lives or fix a problem. One example could be a face wash that’ll clear your acne in just one week. That’s something that’ll take “pain” away from the acne sufferer.

So take grab a camera, make it as pretty as you like, paste it on your site and upload.

Unstoppable Conversion Tactic #2:
“Chunk Your Copy to Increase Readership”

Do you know one reason why visitors may be running away from your site so quickly? It’s because of the way you chunk your body copy.

Try to put your text in blocks of no more than four lines. This makes it easier on the reader’s eyes and great for those webpage skimmers.

Here’s an example:

1) No chunking:

The first method is being the first to know about the product and the first to send offers to subscribers, lists etc. The basic things you need to do this are a preset template of emails you’ll send, top sponsor ads you’ll buy, ezine ads you will want to place and a list of the best places to advertise the reprint rights product. In other words, there should be a well laid out plan that you can implement. You would not have to start wracking your brains for ideas on how to market your products.

2) Chunking:

The first method is being the first to know about the product and the first to send offers to subscribers, lists etc.

The basic things you need to do this are a preset template of emails you’ll send, top sponsor ads you’ll buy, ezine ads you will want to place and a list of the best places to advertise the reprint rights product.

In other words, there should be a well laid out plan that you can implement. You would not have to start wracking your brains for ideas on how to market your products.

Now, which one looks easier to read in your perspective?

You might be thinking – “But it doesn’t make sense to enter a new line when it’s talking about the same subject”. In English literature, this is true, but we’re not at school doing a degree in English literature here.

Unstoppable Conversion Tactic #3:
“Use Graphics To Draw the Eyes of Your Reader To Your Salescopy”

Did I get your attention, boys?

I see so many people going overboard with the graphics on their sites…

Too many unnecessary buttons, animated widgets, things flying here and there. That detracts readers from your site, and there’s no guarantee they’ll ever come back.

The job of your webpage graphics is to draw the attention of your readers to your headline, your body copy, your benefits, your order form, etc.

eCover ebooks, boxes, reports and so forth, are used to give your product a realistic look – as if your reader can grab it, even though your digital product’s intangible.

If you want to grab a graphics package, filled with optimized marketing graphics, check out the new “Marketing Graphics Pro” package, here: www.AureliusTjin.com/MarketingGraphicsPro

Unstoppable Conversion Tactic #4:
“Use Attention-Getting Headlines That Hypnotizes Your Readers”

Headlines generally make up about 70% of your web copy because they are generally repeated in your actual documents.

When I say hypnotize, I don’t mean put them in a “trance”, but compelling them to read your headline. So how can you do this?

Here are some key points when writing headlines:

  • Use power words, like “Amazing”, “Powerful”, “Easy”, “Bargain” etc. You can get a full list of these power words for free, here.
  • Use quotation marks. Direct marketing legends like Ted Nicholas swear by quotation marks. Quotation marks make your headlines memorable and it’s as if it’s talking to you.
  • Create “specific” headlines. Use exact dollar amounts and time frames. It’s “How I Made $2,376 In Just One Week”, not “How I Made Thousands In Just One Week”. When you give them the exact amount, it looks more believable. It’s “How To Train Your Dog In Just 7 Days”, not “How To Train Your Dog Quickly”. Get the point now?
  • Keep It Short and Simple (KISS). It continues to hold true even with headlines. If it is too long, the reader isn’t going to be able to swallow it with one gulp and will move on before figuring it out. Ted Nicholas recommends you use no more than 17 words in your headline. This was tested in his offline marketing campaigns, but it may not hold true online.
  • Ask yourself “What’s in it for the reader?”. In other words, what does the reader get out of your product? The answer to your question can be the baseline for the headline. From there, modify it to ensure it has easily understood and expressive words. This addresses the “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM) question. You can almost never go wrong with headlines that convey reader benefit.

To help your out with your headlines, here are eight “fill-in-the-blank” headline templates you can use for your own product salesletters:

  1. How To Make $______ In Less Than ___Days By ______
  2. Discover How A 26 Year Old Become A Multi-Millionaire In Less Than 12 Months.
  3. How To _____ and Make $____
  4. Learn How To ______ In Less Than ____ Days or Your Money Back.
  5. Now Here’s The No Bull Way To Create _____ In less Than 2 1/2 Minutes.
  6. The Secret To _____ Is Simply By ______.
  7. Do You Make These 7 Mistakes In ______ ?
  8. Don’t You Just Hate _____ When All You Want is _____ ?

Unstoppable Conversion Tactic #5:
“Use Video To Stop Readers Dead In Their Tracks and Read Your Entire Letter”

To cut the long story short, check out a site where I used video: www.CopyAndPasteGraphics2.com

Can you see where it’s located? The second visitors arrive at that site, they’ll see the headline and a video just under it. This instantly gets the attention of the visitor.

What’s been a hot trend this year? Video. Everyone knows what YouTube is. Nowadays, people are adapted to these types of environments.

Basically, the video’s used to summarise what the product is all about and how they can benefit from it. That site I just showed you converts at 7-10%, which is extremely high.

I’ve seen a big increase in conversion rates when I use videos on any of my offers.

Unstoppable Conversion Tactic #6:
“Use Time and/or Quantity Limits”

Use the power of this psychological trigger – urgency. Make your readers take action or they miss out.

I simply place a Johnson box above the headline that looks like this:

This is a Limited Time Offer For Subscribers And Customers of Aurelius Tjin ONLY
This Special Offer Will End In Just 72 Hours!

It lets them know, right away, that there’s no time to waste and that they should take on the offer.

Unstoppable Conversion Tactic #7:
“Use Compelling Pre-order Forms To Get Your Readers To Take Immediate Action”

Here’s an anatomy of a pre-order form to illustrate the point:

Unstoppable Conversion Tactic #8:
“Stress Out Benefits, Not Features…”

Most sites selling something talk about the product more than how it will make the person’s life easier and better.

Here’s how a “bad” Internet marketing direct-response site explains their product (for this example, we’ll use an “article submitter” software):

Website (bad): “Submits to over 40,000 directories”

Reader: “So what? What will it do for me?”

Better: “Submits to over 40,000 directories – In just a a few days, your site will generate an avalanche of traffic that’ll bring a ton of sales for you”

See the difference?

Another details the site features:

Website: “Article formatter”

Reader: “So what? What will this ‘Article formatter’ do for me?”

Better: “Article formatter – You’ll save hours of your time using this tool so you can focus on more important things”

This website shows specifications and features, not benefits or “WIIFM”. People don’t by a “Canon 8 Mega pixel” camera, they buy “I can take photos of our trips in high-quality so it will print out in better detail”.

So bottom line is – think about what your reader will get out of your product/service.

Unstoppable Conversion Tactic #9:
“Use Power Words & Phrases That Make Your Readers Excited and Take Action”

I mentioned this earlier, and I’ll mention it again, simply because it deserves its own section. I’ll re-emphasize – use power words and phrases.

Go to WebCopyWordsThatMakeYouRich.com to grab a huge list of power words and phrases you can you in your salesletters, business cards, flyers, Pay-per-click ads and more. It’s free.

Unstoppable Conversion Tactic #10:
“Cross out Prices to Emphasize Special Prices”

When was the last time you went to the grocery store?

Did you see their “special” shelf labels? Sometimes they cross out the actual price of the item or simply say something like “$1.99, Save $0.70c”. You can adapt this pricing strategy to your own marketing.

Here’s what I mean…

“Get this entire package, today, for just $97 $27!”

By crossing out the actual value of the product, you can instantly increase your conversions because your readers know that they are getting a special.

Let’s Wrap it Up…

OK. So that’s just 10 conversion tactics you can use, right now, to increase your sales and optins.

It may have been a little vague for you, and needs more explaining. I could easily write an entire book about how to increase your conversion rates, but that’s another story.

I wanted to make this as real-life and practical as possible. There’s enough fluff and theory out there which talks but doesn’t walk the talk.

With all that being said, it’s always best to test and track each element of your copy to see what works best for you.  For this, I highly recommend you using, my good friend, Frank Bauer’s Go-To Pro ad tracking system.

Have any conversion tactics you’ve discovered that’s increased your rates?

Feel free to post your feedbacks and comments…

Thanks for reading.

To your unstoppable success,
Aurelius Tjin

P.S. – Liked what I shared with you? Let me know by commenting on this blog. Your information will help me better filter out what’s hot and what’s not :)…


  1. Hey Aurelius,

    Yet again top content, no wonder you are my fav online marketer!

    You share so much information with us for free!

    I will definately be implementing the above tactics and I KNOW they will deliver.

    Sally :)

  2. Thanks Sally.

    You’ve been there since the start, and I owe you for enlightening me with your kind comments.

    Subscribers like you keep me going :)

    – Aurelius

  3. Thanks guys.


    Yes and no, but you made a good point there. Technology changes rapidly and this lets us take advantage of using better tools, strategies, ways, resources and such.

    Banner advertising has been proven to be extremely effective when the ‘net first hit the globe, but if you look at this advertising method now, it’s not as effective as it use to be.

    What’s hot now is Web 2.0 traffic methods, i.e. – Squidoo, blogging, MySpace etc.

    The tactics I’ve shared leans more towards copy and how you deliver & communicate your message across. Of course, these tactics may not work for every market, but the majority of them will work.

    Unique content, YES! When you share unique content, your readers will automatically and subconciously do what you say because you’ve already built rapport through the information you’ve shared.

    Good points Ami.

    – Aurelius Tjin

  4. Brilliant! Utterly brilliant article! Well done mate! It reminds me of the sort of quality content that used to be the norm about 7 years ago.

    A really refreshing change! Thank you!

  5. Hi Aurelius, very informative article-I don’t have my photo on my main blog page-just in the “about me” page. This fact and many other points you raise definitely hit a chord! Thanks Orla

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