The Law of Attraction…

This cartoon was intentionally made to look “silly” (just for the humour), but that’s not the point :)

Moral of the mockery – Average guy watches “The Secret”, makes a “wish” or command to the universe, someone knocks on his door and his wish comes true (a red Ferrari parked outside).

Now, I’m in no way affiliated with “The Secret”, but if you’re ever interested in self-improvement then The Secret is something for you. You can get the digital ebook version from ebooks.com. The DVD is available from most DVD shops.

In essence, the core subject talks about “The Law of Attraction”.

This is similar to Napoleon Hill’s quote, from his book Think and Grow Rich, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

This subject is not intended to be biased or politically correct. I know that some of you may or may not believe it, thus the reason for this blog post.

Feel free to comment or post your feedbacks…

To your unstoppable success,
Aurelius Tjin


  1. The law of attraction, along with the other 5 laws that work with it, help me found a construction business and become a millioniare.

    At 70 years young, it help me in meeting Kenneth Michael MacLean, who has writen 8 books on the laws of the universe including “The Vibrational Universe” at Amazon.com.

    We have producted two Flash movies and several eBooks.

    The only fault I find with the way the law of attraction is being pushed is, you have to use the other laws along with the law of attraction.

  2. In a sense this is true. I would suggest that the middle part is left out where the person commanding starts receiving thoughts on how he could go about receiving his “prize”. Now the car could appear out of nowhere or it could arrive through other “time and space” channels.

    There really is nothing new about the “secret” and it’s been “out there” all along. The new thought movement in the states in the early 1800’s and for the rest of the world countless books over the ages have been written.


  3. Hey, we create our own realities. I am sure some people “feel” that The Law of A. works for them. They probably need the magic crutch.

    Do I believe that It’s Magic Power in the Universe?

    Ho hum … no, not really.

  4. Thanks for your honest feedbacks.

    Medreth – That’s exicting stuff. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Gary – Yes, an extra comic strip would be better, but I didn’t want to drag it too long.

    I think the words “The Secret” really ticks some people off.

    Keith – You’re right about how we create our own realities. The people we “hang around”, the things we do, what we eat etc shapes the person we become.

    I don’t believe in “magic power” too.


  5. Hi, I confirm to you that the law of attraction works. Also there is others laws in the life that is working always so take care what you think.

  6. Whether the Law works or not does not matter. I think a lighter touch on websites would be good. I like your cartoons.

  7. You really have to keep at it, especially when your family and friends don’t believe in “all that airy fairy mumbo jumbo”. But it has worked for me. I’ve been studying Stuart Wilde, John Kehoe, Joseph Murphy and Napolian Hill… they all say pretty much the same thing: we do create our future reality.
    p.s. “The Secret” was launched with a MASSIVE marketing campaign (hype) I’d love to have that sort of publicity for The Lust Factor Entertainment Portal http://www.the-lust-factor.com

  8. Thanks Aurelius;

    ‘The Secret’ is old hat and I’m not talking about the the DVD. It’s simply a variation on a method that’s being in existence forever.

    Trick is tho’ that it will never work without ACTION.

    Funny that, eh?

    All the best,

  9. Hi Aurelius,

    I think the cartoon shows pretty good how many people misunderstand the law of attraction… and also it shows the part that “The Secret” part 1 (yes, they are working on part 2) forgets to mentions…

    You need to take action!

    I know you know Aurelius… that’s why you got the nickname Mr. Unstoppable Action from me. ;)

    But many others don’t… they watch The Secret and think all they need to do is to send their wish to the universe… nope, isn’t that easy! You also need to take ACTION!

    Ok, enough already of my rant. ;)

    Best regards,

    Frank Bauer

    PS: Talking of movies… have you watched the “leaked” video already? If not, click on my name above. :)

  10. I knew it!
    We should always face the couch when we’re asking for something!
    Nice cartoon.

    The Law of Attraction IS.
    It’s working because it IS.

  11. I believe this law works. Few years back I kept thinking I wanted a certain model car ’cause I liked it at that time and sometime later the opportunity to buy that car real cheap showed up out of nowhere. And I was able to get this car. Later on I wanted to own a business in my mind and the business became a reality after a few years. I really believe this law is true. Whatever you want attracted in your life it will get materialized whether is good or bad. So be very careful when asking!!

  12. I find the discussion on this subject (here and elsewhere) to be fascinating.

    It’s easy to dismiss the LOA; a lot of the stories seem hard to believe, but I think that is because details are

    sometimes left out.

    This is not about just wishing for something and having it magically appear, although some of the stories make

    it sound that way.

    It’s funny how some people admire Think and Grow Rich, yet reject The Secret, when it is the same concept. In fact, watching the movie helped me understand Hill’s book better.

    I’d suggest watching the movie before rejecting it. You don’t have to buy it- Netflix and other rental places have it.

    Why reject something that might help you before checking it out?

  13. Yeah, I agree with Frank, in fact this cartoon will make sense to those who have watched & believed in the LOA.

    They will not able to capture your message.

    Good works!

    P/S: Thanks for visiting my old blog, feel free to come to my new blog more often.

  14. Of course The Law Of Attraction works … it’s a law! But cynics confuse it with wishful thinking.

    You do have to have an holistic approach and align your values and belief system … it’ll work anyway but you will not recognize opportunities or even see the results.

    As Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can or you think you cannot … you are probably right”! Our individual realities are inside our own heads and this is where any change must start. This is why my own coaching program is called ‘InsideOut’ and starts focusing on you, within.


    http://www.TheInfotainer.com (coming soon)

  15. I love “The Secret”, although it maybe doesn’t work as
    fast as the cartoon!

    I find it very inspirational, and watch it as often as I can, it helps me focus on what I want to achieve in life.

    Sally :)

  16. Yes, there seems to be many people hooked on the “secret” now. Hopefully they will start to practise the tips there and get some results too!

    – had the opportunity to speak to Bob Proctor a couple fo months back and wow, he’s a passionate speaker and very energetic. I needed a mic on stage during my talk but he’ll do well even without one!

    Rgds, Fione Tan

  17. I am convinced that the people who say the “secret” or the “law of attaction” worked for them are people who would have got their goals anyway.

    Certainly serious studies done in this area show that results are no better than chance.

    If you don’t have the skills, knowledge or ability to get something, you won’t get it. Instead of spending time wishing and dreaming, people should investigate what skills, knowledge or ability they are missing and set about getting it.

    All the great attitude in the world won’t bring success if you have no knowledge or ability.

    If people are very deficient in the skills etc that are required to get their goal, it will take them a long time to develop enough to achieve their goal. If they are nearly there anyway, the goal might seem to appear overnight.

    Many people kid themselves that they have talents or worth that they simply do not. So books such as The Secret merely buy into their delusions and in a way prevent them from realising the truth, or ever accomplishing their desires. This is especially so in tragic cases of narcissism, bi-polar, or identity disorders.

    To get what you want, the best advice is to first sit down and get very clear on what it is you want, then to work out what skills, knowledge, resources etc are needed, then to plan how to get those, develop a timeline, and start taking the steps. Make sure your goal is both realistic and achievable. Unless you don’t care if you fail. There is no secret to this – it’s merely logical.

    Best wishes

  18. Hi Chritine,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I think you have some good points there.

    That’s a good plan there. Yes, one must think over it logically, first.

    — Aurelius Tjin

  19. Hi. I believe in the Law of Attraction, there are many good articles and books written about this subject,I think it is important to understand without the belief and positive state of mind behind this law nothing will ever work.

  20. The problem with LOA is the name in itself.
    The definition of a law is simple.
    The Law of Attraction is not a simple thing.

    I would not call it a Law.
    I would call it a reaction principle.

    A law per definition should be either scientifically provable, using double blind tests an such.
    Or it should be something very obvious such as the law of gravity.

    The Law of Attraction is neither.
    Don’t agree? Prove me wrong.
    I’m not saying that the whole concept is wrong.
    I’m saying the label is wrong, AND a great marketing trick. Read that again. You’re duped.

  21. The Secret does everything it set out to do.

    Relieve the feeble minded of their money.

    There are even people who are SO feeble minded they pay again and again to be conned and made fools out of.

    Not only that, they tell the world how stupid they are.

    Sad, isn’t it.

  22. “The Secret”….. a scam that you have to admire even if you’re not silly enough to watch it. Fortunately I’m not – I’d rather have a root canal than watch The Secret.

    Total and complete bull droppings but there seem to be plenty out there willing to believe in anything.

    I guess that’s why e-Books on Internet Marketing command such outrageous prices. People willing to believe anything.

  23. according to me if you want to achieve great things, you have to DO great things. And, you have to see yourself doing those great things. The law of attraction works best if you are in action..
    check out more on Secret Law of Attraction

  24. The law of attraction as described in “the secret” works definitively *IF* you add an ingredient that “the secret” unfortunately doesn’t feature.

    And without this missing link most people will fail. This is also the reason that more and more people think the law of attraction and other universal laws of success are just a scam.

    To make it work for you, you have to have a supportive, positive inner belief system in place! If you don’t have it, your limiting beliefs and self-imposed limits will always sabotage long lasting success – no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try.

    For instance internet marketers can have the boldest visions, dreams and goals for a successful online business. But if they have any kind of limiting beliefs (mostly buried deeply in their subconscious), they can visualize until they are blue in their
    face – it just won’t happen. They will always self-sabotage a successful outcome.

    Because this is so important I have written “Don’t Act Like An Elephant.” This report will show you how to easily overcome this huge obstacle.

    Interested readers of this post can download it for free at

    Hope this helps.

    Peter R. Sherman

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