16 Must-Have Tools To Run Your Internet Business From Anywhere

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One of the biggest benefits of an Internet business is the ability to run it regardless of where you are. That’s one of the reasons why you’re in this business, right?

The problem is most people starting out aren’t doing it right. What I mean is, they’re creating jobs for themselves instead of creating a business. I won’t lie to you though — I was in the same position.

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How To Sell Your Services Through Fiverr


If you’ve never heard of Fiverr before, you might want to check it out. It’s an easy to use Web 2.0 site where you can sell any type of service — even products, for $5 bucks. Although it’s not much, it’s still a great source of side income you can add to your business. Those who have heard of Fiverr commonly use it to hire people for jobs like designing and writing, though most overlook the idea of actually selling on Fiverr.

I love the whole business model. Who ever created it, is a genius. The idea’s been around for a while, but Fiverr’s got a unique twist to it.

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17 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started My Online Business

1) Building a list of subscribers, customers and affiliates. Without my lists, my business wouldn’t be a fraction of what it is today.

2) Blogging. If you’re selling anything online, you need a blog, not just for posting content, but to build relationships and your credibility

3) Being part of or starting a mastermind group. You can potentially save months, even years by leveraging on those who are stronger where you are weaker. That’s just one of the benefits.

4) Your own product. The benefits are amazing. You’ll gain instant credibility, instant expert status, instant profits, 100% profits, you can open affiliate programs and it’s all passive income for you

5) Outsourcing your business. Think of it as a return on investment. You pay someone for a single job and get more free time to do more important things in your business which will make you money. Don’t wait, outsource your writing, graphics, and repetitive tasks. That’s when you’ll start to have a real business.

6) Being CLEAR on what you want. Once you know what you want, you’ll filter out what you need and what you don’t need.

7) Focusing on ONE thing at a time. One system, one product, one project, just one thing at a time!

8 ) Enjoy time off. I once heard from Alex Mandossian “Taking a day off work for the month can give you twenty productive days.” Don’t even check your email or turn you computer for that matter. Do the things you enjoy, spend time with the family or whatever it is you enjoy.

9) Attend seminars and meetings. It’s your best bet to meeting like-minded people; people who have a genuine interest in what you’re doing. There’s a lot of potential. The best way to start is to search for local groups and meet ups at www.meetup.com. I found three groups of interest from that site alone, and I’m speaking/presenting in one of them.

10) Create a “Vision Board” to accelerate your success. You might think that it won’t have any affect, but you’ll be surprised at just what might happen. I have a video that teaches you how to create your very own vision board. Click here to watch it

11) Renew, unwind and relax your mind and body by exercising. It’s like the oil and lube job for your car. You don’t have to do it, but your car would definitely run better. Personally, I go four times a week, combining cardio and weight training. You don’t have to build huge muscles, you can simply do resistance training or yoga. The benefits of exercising kicks in immediately after your first workout. You’ll feel more energized, you’ll sleep easier, improves your mood, overall physical body and mental acuity.

12) Using video in your marketing. Whatever your niche is, videos easily and instantly gives your product a higher perceived value.

13) Disallowing any negativity. If you’re ever in this situation simply think of positive thoughts, it’ll change your state quickly and easily.

14) Gratitude. Every morning, throughout the day and before you sleep, think of what you’re grateful for at the present moment.

15) It’s a lot easier selling to customers than it is to sell to prospects. How do you doit? You can cross-promote, upsell or maybe offer a product you’re an affiliateof

16) Use RoboForm. I can’t tell you how much time this little tool has saved me. This nifty little tool remembers and fills in forms and passwords so you don’t have to! Get yours right now: www.DownloadRoboForm.com

17) Lose on the front-end but make money on the backend. “You can have this for free, no worries. would u like ___ for just 20 bucks?”

Feel free to submit your comments and tips so the rest of us can see…

What Made You Decide To Go Online?

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I wanted to take the time to learn more about you, and basically start a discussion about the topic of starting out online. In addition, I hope it will help you refocus, reallign and learn why you started this business in the first place.


How did you first find out about online marketing/this type of business? Was it an ad you saw while you were surfing the ‘net? Maybe a friend influenced you about the opportunity.

What made you decide to pursue this business? Is it the lifestyle? Had enough of your job? To diverse your offline business by going online?

I’ll kick start this post off by starting first…

I first found out about online marketing from a banner ad which read “60 minute money! You can make a full-time income working at home with just a computer, an Internet connection and 60 minutes of work a day. Click Here!” As cheesy as it may sound, I clicked to find out more. Don’t sit there laughing. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were triggered to click on this type of ad, too 🙂

I decided to pursue this business because I hated studying “theory” at school and working at a job, where I was limited to what I could earn. Two things led me to this ultimate decision – 1) Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ book 2) How school theory applies in the real world. You may argue about this but that’s my thought.

So that’s my mini story. Whether you’re doing this business part-time or full-time, feel free to share your story by posting in the comment box below. I’d love to read yours, and I’m sure others will, too. (You don’t need to reveal anything personal)