What Are Your Favourite Books?

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Books I just bought:

“All marketers are liars” – Seth Godin
“Small is the new big” – Seth Godin
“Unleashing the ideavirus” – Seth Godin
“Purple Cow” – Seth Godin
“Words that sell” – Richard Bayan

Highly Recommended Books:

“Think and grow rich” – Napoleon Hill
“Rich dad, poor dad” – Robert Kiyosaki
“Good to great” – Jim Collins

Post your comment/feedback below and tell me what your favourite books, ebooks or homestudy courses are that have helped you with your business and life…

Looking forward to your list of recommended reads!


110 Traffic Generation Tips To Market Your Website

Struggling to get people to your site?

After mulling over the prospect, you finally made the decision to create a website. All in all, you are happy with the look, think the information is excellent, and think that anyone who visits the site will enjoy it so much that he or she will be back again regularly.

However, the next task is getting the word out and driving some traffic to your website. After all, having a fantastic website doesn’t do much unless people know about it.

You won’t find a list of traffic generation ideas, in this unique compilation, anywhere else.

So here they are, in an easy-to-read format: a hundred and ten tips to help you spread the good news about your site and generate some interest. I guarantee that you’ll find some of these tips don’t work for you. But I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to piece out the stuff that’ll give you that traffic boost you’ve always wanted…

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You Don’t Have To Get It Right, You Just Have To Get It Going…

This special post is for all you that seem to be weighed down and drowning in a sea of ideas, better known as Idea Overload.

I could start this off by telling you how many days and nights I spent in a total state of Idea Overload, how I’ve been in your shoes, or even that “I feel your pain”.

However, what you really need to hear is exactly how my story unfolded.

If you are really interested in changing the way you handle business; I must suggest that you sit up, pay attention, and take notes.

During 2003, I decided to test my skills in the marketing world on a part-time basis. After this humble beginning, I moved into marketing full-time in 2005. Early in my first year of marketing full-time, a realization set in: I was spinning my wheels and already needed new tires. How did I come to this realization? I had to have my life put into perspective by a motivational speaker.

Mike Litman is a very popular motivational speaker based on one very simple motto, which hit me hard when I first heard it.

The One Quote That Hit Me…

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The Home Business Lifestyle…

By looking at this comic, would you say you have anything in common? (excuse the male character if you’re a female :))

How productive are you? How many hours of actual “productive” work do you get done each day?

I’m normally on the computer from 11am till 3am. That’s 16 hours. The amount of “productive” work I get done is about 7-8 hours.

When I say “productive”, I mean actual work that’s contributing to the growth of your business.

I’d love to hear how productive you are – whether you work part-time or full-time on your business.

Share your thoughts with us, here…

– Aurelius Tjin


Aurelius’ Top 33 Internet Marketing Tools and Resources

Is there any Internet marketer who’s revealed their list of top tools and resources for running a successful Internet business?

The way this list came about was after numerous requests from subscribers of my “Unstoppable Internet Marketing newsletter”, who were curious to know what tools I use to run my business.

In this post, I will share with you 33 of my best tools and resources I use to run my own business, since 2005 (free and paid). You’ll find that most of these aren’t “ordinary”, meaning I’m not going to simply tell you that “Paypal” is one of my best tools, even though it is. I figured that there’s already enough sources out there that/who tell you to get a Paypal or Clickbank account. I’m not even affiliated with most of these tools and resources, so I’m not here to make money.

Here they are, in no particular order:

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