This video demonstrates step-by-step how my team and I do keyword research to learn exactly what people are looking for.

You’ll discover how to find the amount of traffic, competition, and whether there are buyers for a particular niche.

In this video, I researched and analyzed a niche. I concluded that the niche wasn’t that profitable, and it’s not something I would go for. The important lessons to take from this video are the methods I used in researching using keyword tools.

Criterias I use in my keyword research:

  1. Search volume: Greater than 2,500/month
  2. PageRank: Less than 2.5 after averaging top 10 results
  3. Competing pages: No greater than 50,000 results on Google
  4. SpyFu Cost Per Click: More than $1.00/click
  5. Advertisers/Google Ads: At least 5

Side note: There are no specific criterias you have to follow. The criterias I use are just what’s worked for me. Only you can decide how much traffic you want. Typically, the less searches a month, the easier it will be for your site to rank on top. Basically, more traffic equals more to your bottom line.

Keyword research tools mentioned and Resources:

To save time and energy, I recommend using Market Samurai. It does everything I mentioned in the video without having to use multiple tools and sites.

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If you’re just starting out online or an Internet marketer at all, one of the biggest obstacle is getting people to your website, i.e. – traffic. Most starters think that you have to pay to get traffic, like using pay-per-click. However, this isn’t true. Anyone can drive targeted traffic using this 7-day traffic blueprint I’m about to share.

website traffic

This is an easy-to-follow 7-day traffic blueprint which will generate UNSTOPPABLE traffic to any of your sites or offers. It works systematically so that you can maximize the use of your content, too.

I’m not going to explain what everything means. If you’re not quite sure about something, you can research it easily by using the one and only, Google.

Everything laid out in this blueprint uses free traffic methods which is great news for those who simply want to generate quick traffic without paying a cent. It will help build more backlinks and in turn, generate more traffic to your site.

You may or may not be able to implement everything in one day, depending on your skill level. But don’t panic…you can spread some of the tasks to other days if you like. These methods will give that boost of traffic you need.

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Buzan's iMindMap

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In this video, I show you how to use mindmapping software iMindMap by Tony Buzan, and the difference between “concept maps” and mindmaps.

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