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2010 is here and I'm sure you have new goals you want to achieve, which brings me to the topic of your New Year's Resolution.

I want to share 4 steps you can take RIGHT NOW to achieve your New Year's Resolution...

1) Have ONE big resolution so you won't get overwhelmed. We can be greedy at times and want EVERYTHING. It's a lot easier to achieve ONE BIG thing.

2) Write down your resolution in your organizer or even better your "vision board" ( to make your resolution tangible. We easily forget about our resolution and goals, so having it written down or shown somewhere will give us a constant reminder.

3) Let your friends and family know about your resolution for accountability purposes. Why not post your resolution by commenting on this blog post? It's a great way to share and let everybody know what you'd like to achieve in 2010!

4) Support your resolution by making conscious decisions and steps to achieve your resolution. Once you have your resolution in place, you'll begin to attract the things that will fulfill your resolution.

We that being said, I'd like to leave you with this great quote:

'The Old Year has gone. Let the dead past bury its own dead. The New Year has taken possession of the clock of time. All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming twelve months!' -- Edward Payson Powell

Happy New Year! I wish you much success for 2010!

15 thoughts on “4 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

  1. Great tips on goal setting. I always love setting new milestones, which is what I call them. Why? Because I see it as more of an ongoing process year round, and year-to-year. In 2009 it was to build a full-time income with my online sales with a six-figure income. I accomplished that with the assistance of many of your PLR programs. In 2010, my goal is to build it to over $250K, and $600+ in 2011. Your PLR products and systems are what people should follow no matter whether they are newbies or veterans. The key to making it all happen is ACTION!!!

    Dave Hale
    The Internet Marketing Professor

  2. Aurelius:
    I have just one resolution this year. To finish my B.S. Degree in Computer Science. I’ve actually started in July, but hopefully will finish in September. I don’t exactly use a vision board but I have something else. I went to my local office supply store and bought an empty certificate holder that you hang on your wall. I then printed a fake diploma for it, like if I had already graduated. I took that and hung it on the wall where I see it every day while working on my computer.

    Have a healthy and prosperous 2010,

    Guillermo Gonzalez

  3. @ Dr. Dave Hale – Thank you! It’s great to hear your success story. I’m looking forward to helping you further achieve your goals for 2010 and beyond.

    @ Guillermo – That’s a GREAT idea. It’s to visualize and feel that you’ve already accomplished what you desire!

  4. A great guide, Aurelius – and a Happy New Decade to you too!

    One of the best ways to keep resolutions is to map out what you need to do each month to achieve your goals that year – what do you need to have completed by Feb 1st, March 1st, etc.

    Not only does this keep you on track, but your motivation and momentum grow with each passing month as you stroke off each finished task.

  5. Hi these are great tips. and I want to add a few thoughts:
    Let us not bite more than we can chew.
    Let us be focused.
    Let us fill our mind with positive thoughts.
    and believe, believe, believe!

  6. Hey Aurelius,
    Great New Year to you, hope you recovered from a big New Year eve very well now lol,Any ways one of my main goals for 2010 is to take full advantage of PLR products l have brought from you and others and strategically leverage as much as possible out of them, 1. Total make overs. 2. Use as mini content for post, email, video, mini ebooks and any other ways l can come up with to squeeze full advantage maximum leverage out of them reworking them.

    To a huge abundant recharged life in 2010
    Brian Baulch

  7. Hi Brian. Great “to do” tasks you mentioned there. Now it’s about implementing. Visualizing is one thing, action is another. Let’s start the new year by building momentum and keeping it going!

  8. hola Aurelius,
    All the very best for 2010 and thanks for your wishes in 2010.
    My goals for 2010 are to take a sincere study of all my internet marketing products I have to date and really put them into action.
    Also, learning a new language (Spanish) and upgrade my guitar skills. All in all a lot to do. Gracias, espero tengas un buen dia mi amigo. Hasta luego.

  9. Great ideas. Sometimes – especially in a new year we like to bite off more than we can chew. I like the idea of accountability… I have several goals for 2010 – one of them is to learn enough Spanish so that by Oct/Nov when I will be in Mexico I will be able to maintain a decent conversation – I will do this be spending a minimum of 15 minutes a day learning Spanish.

  10. Thank you Richard. Good to see you’re all set with your goals 🙂

    Great idea Michelle. Dedicating some time in improving your life and moving forward is very valuable, and will serve as a long term benefit.

    Thanks for your comments!

  11. Great thoughts for the new year. I might add the ideas of trying to focus on not only your goal but also what you will have and what you will become when you achieve the goal. I would also suggest to find blogs that support attaining your goal and make comments about your quest and your journey. Make this part of your daily activities and really live the life of achieving your goal.

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