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It's been long overdue to finally start sharing more videos with you, and I'm happy to share this very first post with you to sort of celebrate the relaunch of this blog -

If you've been following me for some time now then you probably know that this site was my very first blog (you can take a look at some of my older posts). In 2012 I stopped posting on this blog so that I could create more of a company brand rather than a personal brand and so I created

I'm now switching back to this blog, and it's really for personal branding advantages. Yep, I was a little indecisive but as business evolves so do my plans.

I'd like to fill you in on my life, share some inspiration to help you with your business and show you a behind the scenes of my business. had a more personal feel to it and I feel like that was missing when I was blogging at

So what's going to happen to Well, everything will remain intact and I'll most likely have guest writers posting there. My hopes is to turn it into an Internet marketing/entrepreneurship authority blog. I don't know when the transition will happen but that's the plan.

For now, I thought I'd share a behind-the-scenes of my home office setup that's still in progress:

I'll be posting up a video of my video equipment setup including all the equipment I bought and why once I have everything setup. So if you're looking to setup your own home video studio, you'll like the next post!

Did you enjoy this first of many blog post? Let me know in the comments box below. Would love to hear from you!

12 thoughts on “My Home Office Setup In Progress And The Relaunch of This Blog

  1. Thanks for sharing this with your readers. I too am preparing to start more video production. It was helpful to see what you are doing in setting up your home office. It gave me some great ideas!

  2. Hi Aurelius, Thanks for providing the insight in what somebody with your exprerience is doing to continue to expand his online business. These kind of posts are very stimulating, since it also provides a more personal touch. It’s very genuine and I look forward to more posts! Regards, Alex

  3. Wow nice lay out @aureliustjin:disqus look forward to when you dive in to the new digital camera and mic you just brought. What model number is your headphones you got? What marketplace you launching your new product in April?

    • Thanks Brian. Headphone model number is HD 205. There are definitely better ones out there but it does the job so I can hear in real-time as I’m recording. The PLR product will be on JVZoo as usual.

  4. Nice setup Aurelius – getting back to basics can be an inspiring move all by itself. I am looking forward to your future posts and continuing to follow your work.

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