Help! I’m Working On So Many Projects, Which One Should I Do First?

So many projects, so little time…

Does this sound like you?  You start a project and then you’re stuck at a certain point so you start on another project without even finishing your initial project.

This, as you may have experienced, can lead to a waste of time and resources.

Which one should you start or, perhaps, continue on?

I must admit, I am guilty of starting and stopping projects but after much failure and experience I’ve overcome this type of situation.

Let’s first start off with the two graphs, below.  These are, of course, hypothetical but are used as examples only:

Graph #1: Shows a person who’s working on multiple projects at the same time (four in this example).  It takes this person four months to see any result.

Graph #2: Shows the same person working on the same projects, except one project at a time.  It only takes one month to see results.

The moral of these graphs indicate that by focusing on one project at a time you can get more done, see faster results, stop procrastinating and build momentum.  It’s practical.  It’s common sense.  Being in the shoes of the person on graph #1 is dangerous.  You’d probably quit before you even finish your project because you would not see results.

Often, we all go through a stage in our project where we’re stuck, for instance, not knowing how to work an FTP program or write a piece of advertisement.  These types of things can prevent you from moving forward.  Don’t let these things get the better of you.  There’s always a way around it if you try hard enough to find the solution.  Those who see the light at the end of the tunnel will succeed.  Persistence is a key factor when you’re in a scenario like this.

It’s important to note that it’s not always necessary to pursue all of your projects.  What I mean by this is that just because you believe in your product, thinking that it’s going to change people’s lives, it doesn’t mean your market would think the same.  If everyone had the same belief about your product then it wouldn’t have any value.  The point is to be certain that the project you’re pursuing is something that your market wants and at the same time you also need to be passionate about it. 

It’s ok to quit projects.  I did it many times, but I did it strategically.  You need to think ahead of time i.e. – before you start you project.  If you quit when you’re at that stage where you’re ‘stuck’ you’ll end up wasting your time and resources.  You’d probably make better use of it on projects worth pursuing.

Here are five questions you should evaluate when starting or continuing your project:

1.  Will this project give you long-term benefits? For instance, I wrote reports (which included resell rights) with the intention of them getting spread and distributed by others.  The results? More traffic to my sites and subscribers to my newsletter.  The reports are out there and I can’t stop them, which is a good thing.

2.  What do you wish to get out of this project when completed?  Is it a sense of achievement? More money in your pocket? To build your reputation?  Whatever it is define it, write it down. If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

3.  Is your persistence going to pay off in the long run?

4.  Is the project worth the time and resources you have?

5.  Average is boring. Being number one is better than number two.  Will your project lead you to your ultimate goal or is it delaying you from reaching it?

All in all, you need to decide, right now, which projects you should prioritize and make clear what your intentions are for each so you’re always in a productive state.  Work on one project at a time, until completion.  You’ll gain momentum doing it this way, like a snowball. Tweak and fine-tune your product to maximize the results.

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  1. What stopped me from doing this for quite some time was fear that putting all my eggs in one basket was risky. So if I followed 2,3,4…projects I was reducing risk of failure.

    It sounded very sensible at the time!

  2. Hello Aurelius,

    Good article. Even know I have to give up on something because of poor results, what I learned in dealing with this dud helped me produce quicker results on the next project. It’s like any other skill, what seems difficult in the beginning gets easier. Also what you said about making sure of the market is so important. When someone says “pick something you like” to promote is important but it is also equally important to make sure the “hungry” market is there and makes it easier.


  3. You hit it right on Aurelius. What is your opinion of outsourcing to help speed up the projects? And what are your best tips on outsourcing projects?

  4. I’m still downloading gifts from the Santa Sal’s giveaway, then Start the New Year Right and now my hard drive is full of free ebooks, PLR, MRR, RR and holy … Now I have too dicifer which is which and who is who and what should I REALLY do to make some kind of money doing IM???? Aurelius this is a needle in a haystack. Tell me now, where and what’s the real place to start for a newbie?? Concentration gives me mind cramps! Maybe I should unsubscribe to everyone and go back to eBay?!

  5. Maybe, my answer will be a little different.It is no easy for me
    to follow only one project,impossible, because i am very curious,i simply need to see almost everything!
    There is a Reason more:i feel an obligation to respect all people
    send me messages,/because i am on their list,they did something for me/ i have got their ebooks,Reports,Softwares .,enough an Atention
    and free Tips.
    To understand this better, i don,t lose anything,in this time it is very difficult i make affiliate money/i have no Pay Pall, Click Bank account,my country is not listed.As i said, i like Marketers
    and appreciate their work.
    Even i have no time to do my Online projects
    Of course to get the Best results, you need to concentrate to main
    Thanks, Slavica

  6. Yeah Aurelius, you are absolutely right. Many projects but none was finished. I can relate to that. Never be a master of nothing. Great life and businesslesson…

  7. Yeah Aurelius, you are absolutely right. Many projects but none was finished. I can relate to that. Never be a master of nothing. Great life and business lesson…

  8. I appreciate the good read. I have one main project in the works and several others looming in the back of my head distracting me. Your article reminds me that I need the one, to help me build the momentum I need to go forward with my goal of going full time IM.

  9. Thanks for all your comments! Appreciate it. I would love to answer all but time is limited at the moment. I’ll try to answer as much as I can.

    Gary – Yes, finding a demanding market is important. I could talk all day about it but I’ll leave that for a future post :)

    Randy – Oursourcing is a MUST once you’ve reached a certain point where you have the finance to hire freelance workers, virtual assistants, designers, programmers etc. Leverage is the key to freeing up your time and growing your business.

    Rita – These “giveaway” events are purposely set on special occassions, in this case Christmas. Impulse is what’s getting you and it’s hard to avoid. My advice is to create a seperate email for all these giveaway events so that you don’t get too much email in your main inbox. It’s not necessary to download all the product, you won’t use all of it believe me. You need to follow one proven system and persist on that until you see results. If eBay is what you’re going to do then focus on that. If affiliate marketing is what you’re going to do then do that. You can diverse into different areas once your business has grown.

    Great Edwin, thanks :)

    Keep it going, Jens!

  10. Perhaps a thorough understanding of the Hedgehog Concept from Jim Collins’ Good to Great can help people to clearly focus their projects and efforts to only fall within the intersection of the 3 circles.

    For everyone’s benefit, the 3 questions are – What can you be the best in the world at? What are you passionate about? What drives your economic engine (i.e. what actually makes you the most money)?

    Finding one answer that addresses all 3 of these questions together takes time and discipline.

    But once you find your hedgehog concept, you will automatically also find the discipline to reject all opportunities, proposals or projects that are not relevant to your business and focus your time, resources and energy only upon the relevant projects you are currently undertaking.

    But I don’t think my description here can do justice to it. It’s best that people read the book.

  11. You hit it on the nose Aurelius! I’ve got 3 main projects running at the moment. I then decided to launch one website at a time; this way I can see success come as well as make money to fund my other projects.

    Good advice and great post!
    Dean Gilbert

  12. Hmm,

    Great inspiration! These last few weeks, I been clutter minded. Reading your words can help me clarify what is important and what needs to get done. More importantly, I can focus on the projects currently at hand, finishing one after the other. Thanks for the renewed focus!

  13. As always, good advice from a genuine guy. I have used your ideas, linked to your posts, and counted you among the few marketers who really CAN help others while making money for themselves… Decluttering and Focusing are absolutely essential to getting a business off the ground or making your business progfitable. It is too easy to get caught up in the noise and confusion- and leave a trail of unfinished work in your wake…..
    Start today! Get ONE thing in your sights and do not stop until it is FINISHED!

  14. Thanks for your comments guys.

    A new blog post will be up very soon :)

    Lately, I’ve been focusing on a new PLR homestudy course which will be released some time during April. Looking forward to release this.

  15. I was wondering if you can help me built a website, I have a desk top loaded with downloads, but they don’t tell me how to insert into web pages. Is there a step by step guide that I can use. I have started something and I am determine to finish it. I am tired to going from project to project. I would like instructions that will help me to build a website when I download something that should go into my website.

    Can you help me with this matter? I don’t mean to seem frustrated, but I am a little.


  16. This has been me in the past, but for the past 6 months i have been managing each idea and project through to completion without starting another one. All ideas for new projects go into the new projects folder, to be looked at when the current project is finished.

    This also gives ideas a month or two in order to cool, so that they can be looked at with a discriminating and thoughtful eye rather then rushed into at the spur of the moment

  17. Hey Tjin,

    Great Tips!

    Why a lot of marketers failed?

    1. No planning
    2. Not executing their plan
    3. Too many plans
    4. Not focusing
    5. Not persistent
    6. Not following the plan

    A lot of marketers failed because they do not have any planning to what they want to do. So, most will ended up hanging around for months without doing anything that solid. When come to IM its all about planning and work on the plan. At the same time planning should be reasonable. Doing thing one at a time not all together which confusion gonna take over and failed will wait at the end of every step. First thing you should do is prepare your plan and don’t worry about preparing your plan whether it’s right or not. Do it first then revise and improve it. And you will get it right at the end. :)


    Try this… Learn how to differentiate between Urgent and Important. Certain things may be Important but not Urgent. So, you can put it aside first (temporary). Work on the things that is Urgent but also Important. If you know how to plan this than not even your IM business your own daily life will also be more manageable because you will get things done.

    Good luck! :)

  18. Many people are facing this problem and they have no idea which to do first. That will be better if you can draw a graph and understand about the situation clearly. So, you can see which project shall do first and which can be start later.

  19. Hi, and thanks for the tips, Just to say i think every think that was mentioned is me all over…I trying to stick with this one PLR the only one which is easy for me….But for some reason I think I am in space all alone…don’t even know if my buy now auto download product is working, thank you page is working….is there a way to try and find out…..not forgetting I am a newbie at this :)

  20. @ Tony – You may have a friend who has a Paypal account. Do a test for $0.10 or something. You can also open another Paypal account. This would be a “Personal” account though.

  21. When I started out I was quite lost trying to do everything at the same time but I got myself a notepad where I simply jot down ideas and things to do in the future in order of urgency and that has really helped me a lot. I must say I’d be lost without that notepad now.Sometimes I even feel like quiting the whole internet marketing scene and just focus on work at the hospital but then again when I think of being my own boss, I push myself harder and resolve to continue working at making it big online.

  22. This is me all over, I have so many websites and to me they all feel so important, so out of bad habit I try and do it all at once looking for the fastest options which in the end hurt my sites more than anything,
    My sites do make money but I know they can make a heck of a lot more..Your post has kind of made me realise I need to prioritise my projects.

    Your newest reader,

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