Internet Mastery Secrets 3-Day Seminar – Sydney, Australia

Hey!I just came back from an amazing time and place – Internet Mastery Secrets.   I was suprised to know that there were 5-10 people in the seminar who were subscribers of my list.  I had a fantastic time and met great Internet marketers such as:

  • Mike Filsaime
  • Stephen Pierce
  • Jo Han Mok
  • Kirt Christensen
  • Tom Hua
  • Brett McFall
  • and more!

Anyway, here are some cool photos and VIDEOs for you to see :-)

Mike Filsaime and Me

Jo Han Mok and Me (the most hilarious speaker!)



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  1. Aurelius,
    I hope one day to be in the situation like you where I can meet some of the top names in marketing. I am in the process of preparing to go to a workshop with Joe Clayton, Willie Crawford and Mark Hendricks in November.
    It is amazing to finally be able to shake a person’s hand whom you have been learning from for years, and finally be able to afford to go to a seminar because of everything you have learned from those people.
    Having been on your list, I have learned many things from you as well, and I hope to be able to attend a seminar where you will be speaking, so I can get my photo taken with you.
    It will be cool to be able to post them on my blog.
    Thanks for the great information, I have been learning how to become a better promoter from you, and also, your products rock…
    Have an amazing day!

    Micheal Savoie

  2. Hi Aurelius,

    That really was a fun seminar. :) That’s for calling and reminding me before.

    First time I ate in the Hilton Hotel Restaurant… a lot better then Dominos. ;)


    Frank Bauer

  3. Hi Aurelius,

    It was a pleasure meeting yourself, Frank and Carlo at the seminar.

    It was my first event and one that blew me away.

    It just shows that you really CAN succeed online.

    All the best to you in the future.


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