You Don’t Have To Get It Right, You Just Have To Get It Going…

This special post is for all you that seem to be weighed down and drowning in a sea of ideas, better known as Idea Overload.

I could start this off by telling you how many days and nights I spent in a total state of Idea Overload, how I’ve been in your shoes, or even that “I feel your pain”.

However, what you really need to hear is exactly how my story unfolded.

If you are really interested in changing the way you handle business; I must suggest that you sit up, pay attention, and take notes.

During 2003, I decided to test my skills in the marketing world on a part-time basis. After this humble beginning, I moved into marketing full-time in 2005. Early in my first year of marketing full-time, a realization set in: I was spinning my wheels and already needed new tires. How did I come to this realization? I had to have my life put into perspective by a motivational speaker.

Mike Litman is a very popular motivational speaker based on one very simple motto, which hit me hard when I first heard it.

The One Quote That Hit Me…

Mike emphasizes, “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”. Now, if you’re not familiar with Mike Litman, take a look through his website, www.mikelitman.com. This one small quote changed my life and I do not mind giving him credit for it. While Mike might not be the creator of this statement, or if he obtained this wisdom from someone else, I am very glad he uses it frequently. I also heard this from Marlon Sanders.

It made perfect sense to me that there was a reason for my problems. I could not seem to get anything done and I had not even been able to earn my first dollar in the marketing world. After obtaining more information from Mike Litman and many other informative websites, I realized that I had too many ideas and information stored in my head. All of these ideas were becoming stagnant because I could not put them into action.

I discovered that I could not get my ideas into action because I was a perfectionist. Yes, this sounds a little crazy because a perfectionist would be determined to have all plans working in proper order immediately.

I could not even get mine started because I did not know how to make these ideas run smoothly in the beginning. In my mind, it was better to keep the idea hidden instead of starting a project that might fail.

I consistently held dozens of ideas in my head waiting for the enlightening moment when I realized exactly how I could make the project go through perfectly. You will never believe this, but those ideas NEVER BECAME PERFECT. Always remember that no idea starts out perfect and there is always room for improvement.

This one quote, “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”, gave me the ability to change this part of my personality. I changed the way I approached things with my business and the way I made decisions for my business.

I started by asking myself the following three questions:

1. What is the easiest project to complete?

2. What is the fastest project to complete?

3. Which project will lead to my ultimate goal?

Your ultimate goal could be to buy your first home, make $100,000, go for a holiday to Fiji or whatever.

At the time, my ultimate goal was to make at least $100,000 online. My first sale was only a measly $5, but I could be proud that I had successfully taken a project from start to finish. I had also given a customer more than a product; I had created VALUE in my product and now understood that VALUE SELLS.

I still remember the day of the first sale when I was jumping in the air shouting “Yes!!” My family heard this and thought I was crazy getting excited over $5. I am positive my neighbors heard and thought I was crazy too. Maybe I was crazy and maybe I still am, but I now understand how to get my ideas into action and I want to help you understand too.

Did this bring me closer to my ultimate goal of $100,000 online? Sure it did. Before you make your first $100, you have to first make your first dollar.

Evaluate yourself and decide which of these two choices you would take:

1. Start a large project that you think MAY result in a large monetary gain.

2. Start a minor project that you think will be faster and easier to accomplish, but will only result in a minor monetary gain.

After hearing the quote of my life, I would choose the second option. The second option would allow me to get started quickly, have early success, build tremendous momentum and keep my self-esteem high. This would also allow me to follow the advice of another well-known writer of self-help books, Mr. Anthony Robbins. Anthony Robbins mentioned the power of “Chunking” in one of his earlier books, called “Notes From A Friend”.

“The most successful people are those who understand the power of ‘chunking’, who don’t bite off more than they can chew at one time. In other words, they break a goal down into bite-sized pieces, achievable ‘sub-goals’ that lead toward the ultimate success they desire. But it’s not enough just to set sub-goals; you have to celebrate the achievement of each small step. This will help you build momentum and develop habits that will gradually turn your dreams into reality.”

- Anthony Robbins

Chunking is a perfect example of getting the small projects going and work your way towards your primary objective. The point that these speakers are making is that your ideas do not have to be perfect; you just have to get them going.

So what if your software has some bugs and crashes every now and then, ever hear of Windows ME? Yes, even Microsoft takes chances with projects that need to be pushed out quickly. Did this minor failure make Bill Gates stop putting out more software that is full of bugs? Of course it didn’t, Gates understands the philosophy of getting your ideas out and fixing the major problems as you go. And what’s even smarter is how Gates hands out “beta” versions to the public, for free, so they’ll find the bugs!

You don’t have to make everything perfect at the start. You can always optimize and tweak it once it’s out there. On the contrary, I’m not saying to create and put out “crap”.

I know that there may be some people who may not agree with my thinking, but this is what’s worked for me and I’m simply sharing my story.

The bottom line is, if you have a sea of ideas that you want to turn into something more, then:

“You don’t have to get it right; you just have to get it going”

Here are my:

Top 5 Tips on How To Get Things Done

1. Make a checklist of 10 things or tasks you want to complete for today, in order of priority. The task(s) you did not complete for today can be continued on the next day. So the next day you’d have another checklist of the 10 things you need to get done.

2. Ever heard of the quote “Do what you do best and outsource the rest”? That’s right. Focus on your strengths and get someone else to do the work you hate or weak at. If you’re on a shoe-string budget, why not do a barter? i.e. – commit to a quid pro quo. Bottom line is, don’t be the “one man band”.

3. Get yourself an “Idea book”. Go to your local stationary store and buy a cheap notepad where you can jot down your ideas. That way you don’t forget your ideas and you can refer back to it anytime.

4. Build relationships with other people in your market. I feared telling my business buddies about my latest ideas, because I thought that they’d “steal” my idea. Much to my surprise, that wasn’t so. Sharing your ideas amongst you fellow business associates, acquaintance or friends, will potentially allow you to brainstorm through your idea to give you suggestions, tips and pointers to enhance your idea. The truth of the matter is, they may know more about a certain area than you. So find and build relationships with other people in your market.

5. Get the right tools and work in an environment where you’re comfortable working in. If you’re sitting on a really uncomfortable seat, then it’ll be hard for you to work on the computer. Especially if you’re going to work at longer periods. Get the right tools and software to keep yourself working productively. Lock yourself if you have to get your work done. One crazy, but rewarding thing I did was book a hotel for three days to get an important task done. Do this if you have to.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences. And yes, I do read every comment that’s posted on this blog.


  1. Hi Aurelius,

    Thanks for your great post! I really appreciate that you share your stories and advice.

    Thanks again & happy voting at the election tomorrow!:)


    Anthony Burch
    Kellyville, Sydney Australia

  2. Aurelius, thanks for sharing this.

    Sometimes when we are trying to accomplish something we often feel we are the only person out there struggling and everyone else is getting it right the first time.

    But as I spend more time online and get to know the different marketers, I realize that I am almost :) as normal as everyone else.

    Getting the proper training is vital, being patient with yourself, and not being afraid to get out there and try something is key to success.

    Keep up the great posts and showing us the “normal” side of you. I appreciate the honesty.

    Yvonne Lyon
    Illinois, United States

  3. Yes I 100% agree. My website http://www.iamyouvoice.com is not a very attractive site,however it is up and does bring in business so there fore it must be considered a success. I hope to arrange a barter with someone who needs voice over services and is a top notch web designer to make it look as good as it can be. After all web design is not my strong point but my business is going

  4. It’s easy to ignore posts like this because they don’t talk about SEO, Social Bookmarking or whatever topic is hot. However, they often contain the most important information.

    I came to the same realisation recently. In fact, my blog is dedicated to making it easier for people in this business.

    I got so overwhelmed in my first few months as an Internet Marketer. While I learned a lot in a short space of time, I also wasted money and had trouble seeing the forest for all the trees I thought were going to make me rich. I wouldn’t wish that for anyone new to Internet Marketing.

    Just get going and keep at it. It’s the people who stop worrying and trying to be perfect, and actually get the work done, that succeed.

  5. Aurelius this post was for me! I have been sitting on a
    completed membership site because I am not totally convinced that it has been tested and tweaked sufficiently.

    I love Mike Litman too!

    I want to read this post every morning!

    All The Best


  6. Hi Aurelius,

    Great post! I suffered from what I saw as ‘idea overload’ for years. Couldn’t understand why so few projects made it till I analysed what I was doing and realised what a butterfly I’d become! Nothing could go out the door ’till it was RIGHT, so guess what, not much got out…..

    I realised the error of my ways a couple of years ago and got focussed, one project at a time, do it ’till it’s saleable, fix the errors when they become apparent. Do I put out crap? NO, do I put out stuff that still needs some teaks? YES! and I end up with better products as a result.

    Your post is spot on, and many many people need to learn that lesson, and I need to be reminded from time to time :-)

    Thankyou foe writing one of the few blogs worth reading!

    All the best for the holidays

    Martin Gateshill – In the UK

  7. Great Info Aurelius,sometimes I need to read something like this to get going,I get involved in something then I get information overload and don’t complete what I first started.Here is one that I did finally complete a project check it out and I feel is very informative,thanks

  8. Hi Aurelius, another super post!

    Chunking is definately the way to go, I always set myself mini takes each day, and reward myself like you said.

    That way I really feel like I am accomplishing something everyday, no matter how small it may seem.

    Doing this keeps me really motivated, too many people online burn out, but not me!

    Sally :)

  9. Thanks for your replies guys. Appreciate your kind words and for sharing your own experiences/thoughts.

    Anthony – Yes, I voted for Labour :)

    — Aurelius

  10. Hi Aurelius,
    I agree, you are right on the money. been doing the same thing myself and find that i just end up going in circles. I realized that you move much faster if you just stick to your goals instead of joining every offer or like you said “playing the one man band” and trying to do everything.
    I find also when you stick with your goals you end up learning faster because your mind doesn’t scatter.and it takes you ever closer to completing your project.
    I also will bring myself back here to your post to remind me of the importance of “getting it going!”
    Thank a Mil,
    Gerald :)

  11. Thanks Gerald. Yes, being the “one man band” is ok when you first start out. Once you’re making a decent amount of money, you can invest back to your business to leverage your time and money. This means you seek out freelance workers or even hiring staff. The bottom line is keep growing your business or else it’ll stagnate.

    Yes, Sanita. That $5 sale was a very happy and joyful day for me, and I’m sure it was for you, too, even though it wasn’t much.

    — Aurelius Tjin

  12. Just Do It

    This reminds me of that Nike commercial. I think the trick is to strike and approperiate balance between quality and deadlines. In the end you need to be producing work that you and your clients can be proud of, but not killing yourself doing it. Still these are some good tips, and a very nice article.

  13. Hi, Aurelius,

    Thanks for dropping by my website. I have set up another one which is more focus (www.marketingsecretsreviewed.com). BTW, the tips from you are awesome…!!

  14. Hi Aurelius,

    I love your post!

    I would even say about the top ten things to do today could be even top ten things to do this week, whatever it takes. If someone doesn’t have enough time in the day to do ten things, make a list for the ten things you need to do in a weeks time. Every little bit someone contributes to there Internet Marketing projects is one step closer to their freedom. Just get started and do it!

    Great post!

    To everyones’ success!


  15. WOW! what a great post. I think its one of the best posts that I have read in the last 2 weeks.

    Good work, keep’em coming.



  16. Hi Aurelius

    That was a sound advices, and right to the point. I’m successful on my day to day job, I start out by making a few friends on the internet recently, and a good friend got me into this, or should I say newbie which is the terminology I havent got use to yet.

    The problem I could relate to, that is being a perfectionist, and it is a very serious and could be deadly if we keep it persist, and not start taking action. So I’m totally agree with you.

    Thanks again.

  17. Hi Aurel,

    I’ve got exactly same trouble as yours. Thanks for your great advise. I just try to make it going…as you said. Hopefully I can be as you one day. Again…thanks a lot.


  18. This is a masterpiece for anyone drowning in the sea of indicision. I even wrote down the quote “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”, so that I can refer to it every time I start to put off taking action due to being a perfectionist. This is a great action inspiring quote. The second quote complement the first one “Before you make your first $100, you have to make your first dollar”.
    Thanks for sharing…

  19. Hi Aurelis,
    This is a great blog very interesting indeed I hope to set up a website and learn all this marketing jibe

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