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If you've never heard of Fiverr before, you might want to check it out. It's an easy to use Web 2.0 site where you can sell any type of service -- even products, for $5 bucks. Although it's not much, it's still a great source of side income you can add to your business. Those who have heard of Fiverr commonly use it to hire people for jobs like designing and writing, though most overlook the idea of actually selling on Fiverr.

I love the whole business model. Who ever created it, is a genius. The idea's been around for a while, but Fiverr's got a unique twist to it.

Another thing I love about it is that you can create as many "gigs" as you'd like, or in other words post as many services as you want.
The site works like this:

  1. Start posting a new "gig" where you offer to do something for $5
  2. Your Gig will be displayed to those who search for it
  3. The prospect can then order your service. When they do, they will make payment to and keep it in escrow until you've fulfilled the service.
  4. You deliver the service.
  5. You get paid. Fiverr keeps $1 and you keep the rest. Payments are made through Paypal.

Presto. It's as easy as that.

Now, the downsides of using Fiverr is that you can't really "upsell" your customers. However, you can cross-sell by setting up other related gigs and pointing your customer to your other gigs. Fiverr Terms of Service states that "You may not offer or accept payments using any method other than placing an order through Gigs should be ordered using the 'Order Now' button."
Another downside of using Fiverr is that you're restricted to pricing your services to only $5. Besides, the site's called Fiverr, so you can't really do much about that.

The big question is, "Does Fiverr really work? Can I really make money with Fiverr?".

To keep it simple, you definitely will be able to sell your service(s) on Fiverr, but I wouldn't rely on it as your main source of income. You can leverage on this site because it gets high traffic.
I put it to the test myself to see if this thing really works, so I opened up a brand new account and posted a new gig selling a service. I can't disclose what service I'm offering, but I'll give you a list of services you could provide in this post.
I setup this account about three days ago, and the results:

In less than 3 days, I generated $32.00 in pure profit!

Now, to some, this might be chump change. You'll see that I made my first sale on the first day I created my account. In fact, it only took a few hours for the first sale to roll in. In total, I did 8 sales. Gross revenue generated in 3 days - $40.00. Total profit - $32.00. That pretty much paid for a delicious lunch :). And this is only from one gig. Remember, with Fiverr, you can create as many gigs as you'd like.

So, on average, it's doing about $10 a day. Using this data, in 30 days, I would generate a nice $300 /month income. Of course, it's too early to tell how in-demand my service really is, so it's only a rough prediction.

At this moment, you might be thinking...

"But What Can I Sell?" I hear you saying

The best way is to start with your interest and hobbies. What are you good at? What are you passionate about? It's a lot easier doing something you love doing, anyway.

Getting started is a piece of cake. First, you'll need to sign up for a free account. You then create your gig.

I mentioned a lot of times in this post that it's really easy to use. I'm not hyping it up here. It really is easy. It can be addictive, too!

Here's a list of services you could offer and which I've seen to be popular on

  • Writing services - articles, press releases, blog posts, preparing a wedding speech and so on.
  • Design/Graphics services - creating banners, headers, ecovers, drawing, etc.
  • Research - market, data, surveying, etc
  • Traffic generation services - holding up a sign advertising someone's website, get more Facebook fans and Twitter followers, SEO, and more
  • Video services - recording a tutorial, demo, etc.
  • Audio services - voice overs, musical, etc.
  • Preparing food menus and workout routines
  • Providing tips and advice - dating, self-improvement, business, etc.

Now, you're not just restricted to services, you could also provide things that are ready-made, like:

  • How to guides and reports
  • Templates - writing, graphics, etc
  • Compilations/rolodex/index/lists

It would be easier providing something that's already made, since you don't have to start from scratch.

The topics are endless. You could provide pretty much any service. They even have a section called 'Silly Stuff'.

If you're short on ideas, check out the "Request Gigs" section on the side of the site. These are gigs posted by members who are requesting for specific services.

My Tips on Creating Your Gig

Creating a gig is one thing, but creating an effective gig that converts is another. Here are my top tips to help you sell your gigs better:

  • Use good copy. Your title is the most crucial part. It acts as a headline for your gig, so it needs to grab attention so people will click on your gig to find out more. You're restricted to just 450 characters in the description, so it's wise to emphasize the benefits of your service, not the features. That's sales 101. You don't want to brag on about how good you are, instead think what's in it for them?
  • With Fiverr, you'll need to upload a picture that's relevant to your gig. They say that a picture's worth a thousand words. So if you were selling, for instance, "make up tips", you'd surely want to use a picture of someone with make up that's done professionally.
  • Keep in contact with your customers and deliver your service as promised. When creating your gig, you can specify how many days to deliver or complete the service. If you exceed the due date, then the customer will have the option to cancel their order which means you lose a sale.

The Verdict?

I say, without doubt, give it a try! It really can't hurt. It's free and dead simple to use.

This is a service which anyone can start. It doesn't matter where you're from, how old you are, and whether you're male or female; anyone can start using it.

This site's still quite new and hasn't reached it's peak. I'd highly recommend you start using it today to get the most out of it. Just start posting your gigs right now, and who knows, you might make a few sales in just a few hours time from now.

So that concludes this special blog post.

I'd like to hear from you and if you do get on the boat and try this out, let me know how it goes! Just post a comment in the comments box below...

54 thoughts on “How To Sell Your Services Through Fiverr

      • Feiyie,

        Try this new site called Freelance 5. They have excellent support. It is set up on a forum base and is easier on you, because the questions you answer will be visible to all and it will not waste too much of your time answering the same stupid questions over and over again, selling a measly $5 item.
        Best part is they dont take any commissions. They also have a section where you can offer Fiverr gigs for $4, well customers save a buck and you get your $4 Instantly, which is nice because Fiverr pays after 2 weeks.
        I personally love 7 Freelance because it pays $7. Welcome to the world of Fiver gigs.

  1. Hey Aurelius,

    I have used fiverr a couple of times for some banner designs, first person I chose was quite poor at designing, but the second one was much better.

    I guess I never really thought about offering my services for such a little amount, but I suppose it could be a nice little earner on the side, especially if I choose a gig that’s not too time consuming either.

    If gigs came that quickly too, then I guess fiverr is possibly one of the fastest ways to make money online then and even better because you don’t need a domain, hosting or a website etc.

    Speak soon, Sally πŸ™‚

    • Yes, initially, I used it to hire people to do some quick work. I only recently discovered it. It is a little amount, but it adds up when you get a high volume of sales.

      Yes, that’s exactly right – no need for a website and extra overheads.

  2. Aurelius, I always looked at fiverr as a way to get cheap jobs done, I never realised the thing staring me in the face. Creating my own gigs. I have some traffic software I am going to put to use right now and I know what service I will offer which will take me all of two minutes to complete. Awesome work mate. Scott

    • Yea, most people overlook it. It’s good to hear you’re going to start πŸ™‚ yes, literally, two minutes is all it takes to create a gig.

      Thanks Scott, and let me know how it goes.

  3. I really like because it is quite easy to set up & use. I needed a typing job done and got more than 4 offers within a very short time. For earning quick cash then fiverr is one of the best ways. Highly recommended. Your post was very informative.

  4. Hey Aurelius, I discovered some time ago and have used it many times. I have found a number of great on-going Out Tasking resources through it. So don’t discount it, you can find some really talented people on fiverr.

    I introduced it to the Melbourne & Sydney Internet Marketing Groups and a few of the members have used their creative initiative to buy & sell some amazing ideas. Rap songs promoting their products, someone holding up a banner ad at the World Cup Soccer Final, Avatar cartoons for their sites, etc, etc



    • Hi Ian. Great to see another aussie! It’s good to see that aussies are coming together and masterminding. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Hi;
    Thanks for the info. Very timely. I just discovered (it was recommended) a few days ago. I purhased a service just yesterday…expected delivery in 3 days. I will have to wait to see the results. The communication with Fiverr appears to be quite prompt.
    Upon discovering it, I immediately saw the ‘monetization’ opportunity. Like you said in your remarks small incomes could be made.
    I will definitely use it (as a seller ) in the near future.

    I think Fiverr is a ‘sleeper’ right now but will rise to prominence very quickly.

    Thanks for the info.

      • “Yes, not many are using it to sell right now. The marketplace is still quite empty in my opinion.”
        Wow! We may have not visited the same site then. Fiverr is well alive in my opinion. There are 1874 pages with 20 gigs per page at the time I’m writing. And more everyday.

        I used them several times since a few months I think, as a buyer. Like for freelance sites I had some good and bad results. Some work on time, some are not very reactive. I had to cancel some orders because they were not delivered on time. But it’s possible to get some good results for $5.

        If you want to find a similar site where you can earn more than just $5, then there is

    • Hi Jenni. It’s good to hear it from a seller’s point of view. Yes, this is the first I’ve tried, but seems quite effective. I predict that in just a few months times, it will get flooded with so many gigs and sellers.

  6. I recently signed up for Fiverr (as well as some of the competing sites) to test them out. My first thought was that it was too low paying to bother with, but I got a lot of sales in a short period of time and since I’d selected services that are fairly simple for me (meal plans, Squidoo lenses, writing blog posts, etc.) it actually wasn’t too bad and ended up bringing in a chunk of change in a fairly short time period. Add to that the fact I live in Guatemala where a dollar goes a bit further and it was a good test.

    • Yea, I think with a little effort, you can make it work. It’s just a matter of taking action. Thanks for the ideas – meals plans, Squidoo lenses. Yes, I’m experiencing a lot more than I can handle to be honest. I could outsource this entire business model if I wanted to get a bit more serious with this, too.

    • Hi Joe. It’s very hard to compare freelance sites to Fiverr. In general, with sites like Elance, you’re getting more of a premium service, and in most cases, it would be more expensive. Fiverr was created for anyone to use, not just professionals. So the quality of service you’ll get from Fiverr depends on the seller. The idea is, when you do find a seller who’s done a good job, you should use them again.

  7. Aurelius Tjin:

    Thank you for sharing this useful info. I started using fiverr about 6 months ago and was pleased with the service I received from the gigs I posted. A few gigs were not completed ontime and I cancelled but all in all very good services for $5.00. Highly recommended for those who do not have a lot of money to spend for services.

    I have been thinking of offering a service, now that you mention it I will get busy and offer my service and surely the $4 will add up in time.

    Thanks again

    • Yes, that’s Fiverr’s idea — to make it really affordable for anyone to outsource. Even regular people are becoming entrepreneurial these days by using Fiverr πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks for sharing info , however there is some info that I need help with , When it comes to Fiverr. I just signed up a few days ago , submitted my gig
    and still nothing, when I say nothing I mean can’t find my gig anywhere, even
    when I use search ,with my key words. I’ts been several days, so I decided to
    submit another gig . and another issue Im having is , can’t submit because I get
    error .(expected duration is not a number) on the app. what is that about , a just what are they asking. I can’t wait to get moving on Fiverr. but don’t know what the hold up is . Any Idea?
    Thanks Marilyn

    • Have you tried checking how many views there are to your Gig? If you’re getting viewers, it means it’s listed, somewhere. You can check how many views you have by going to ‘My Gigs’. Try checking the “tags” you used for your gig, and then search for any of the tags.

      The duration is how many days it would take you to complete the work. Enter 1 for 1 day, 2 for 2 days, etc.

  9. I am currently using Fiverr, and I absolutely love it! There are so many things that you can do with it, and all that it takes is your imagination.

    I would like to make a suggestion to anyone thinking about starting a gig on Fiverr, and that is, please make sure that what you’re offering is something that is realistic. The more realistic your gig is, the more buyers you will have for it.

    I write ebooks for Fiverr buyers, and I love writing. I specialize in Internet marketing related ebooks, but you can specialize in any kind of niche and write an ebook about it and sell it on Fiverr as well.

    Ready made products do sell well on Fiverr, so if you have an ebook, report, or article that you would like to sell, then create a gig about it and make sure that you catch the buyer’s attention by giving excellent details about the offer so that they will buy. You might even want to create a web page explaining your gig, and then providing a link directly to the gig so that Fiverr members can buy it after visiting your short sales letter page.

    • Thanks for your comment Donald. Feel free to share your gig here with us so if we’re interested in hiring you to write ebooks, we’ll know where to go πŸ™‚

      Your tips are great. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Aurelius,

    Great post after I just read about it today in the newest Dot Com Secrets from Russell Brunson where they talked about getting someone to go around in a Spider Man costume and promote a products…..Requiring them to have it on video etc., in order to get paid. If you can get someone who has some experience.

    Getting someone with appropriate feedback is always good as well. I realize it is only 5 bucks, but that can add up quickly over time if you get involved in many requests.

    Dave Gardner

  11. I’ve been using Fiverr on and off for a few months now and love it. My favorite part is doing “Revenue Purchases” – aka I do a gig, and then spend my earnings on other gigs.

  12. Hi Aurelius,

    I am replying late on purpose to see how fiverr works. To be honest, it is fanastic. So far, I have 23 sales in around 20 days. So, going good. Money is not my priority on fiverr instead an idea came to me to improve some of my skills to professional level, develp my dealings with customers and create a portfolio. I will then turn to for better money. Thanks for this Aurelius. Believe me, I would have no knowledge about this site – If I had not read this blog post.

    • Wow! Excellent! That’s really great to hear. 23 sales is an awesome effort.

      Yes, you tend you generate quite a few leads using Fiverr. People are willing to spend on services. It’s an easy way to outsource small tasks.

      Thanks so much for the feedback. Keep it going!

  13. Give Fiverr another look if you haven’t already. There’s always something new. I’m continually amazed at human creativity and originality. I have a blog post coming up that is an interview with an ex-Fiverr seller who has gone on to make more money using the contacts she made during her time on Fiverr and she explains how to do it.

  14. I agree, Fiverr is a beautiful thing. I’ve been an active seller for close to a year now and I can’t imagine NOT having that extra boost of cash every week. I’m by no means rich from it, but I bring in a nice addition to my normal salary while generating great leads & contacts. Highly recommended!

  15. Although I never before heard the term Fiverr but after go the through a brief search in internet I was found that these are simply a market place where you can offer to buy product and services and needs some proven techniques to sell your products and services.

  16. Fiverr is absolutely addicting! It’s surprising how fast the $5 can start adding up when you get hooked on buying gigs.

    Just be aware to steer clear of spammers and scammers. You get an eye for them with a bit of experience.

  17. May I add another similar one. Just type the following in your browsers.

    My question is. Are we even allow to promote our profile once we edit it with info about our offer, to people who are looking for that specific offer?

    If anyone knows please let me know.


  18. Here is a tip. Think ‘Bigger”. It does not take any more time to say…sell a website or blog design, or find some SEO clients for larger amounts of money. Take the time to research and create a product that you can sell over and over.

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