How To Create Your Own Vision Board

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We have a common expression “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but life really works the other way around – “you’ll see it happen when you believe it”.

Every accomplishment starts out with belief. You’ve got to believe that you have acquired what you desire before actually starting out. A vision board is a tool to help you believe and achieve your goals.

Here are easy steps to start your own vision board:

  1. Get yourself a plain, white board, approx 30″ wide. You can get it at your local office supplies store.
  2. Write down all your desires and goals on a notepad. This will help you in the gathering process.
  3. Now to gathering your “dreams” – Find any magazines where you can find pictures of your desires. Another good idea is to search on the web for images and simply print them out. You can type words of inspiration and print them out as well.
  4. In no particular order, glue your cut-outs on your board.
  5. Hang your vision board in a distance where you can simply role your eyes to see it.
  6. You don’t want to miss this step – you need to have intention, you need to visualize, you need to believe, you need to take positive action and be grateful with your current state, no matter how bad the circumstances are. Gratitude will defend you from any negativity.

Once your vision board’s up, you’ll soon attract the things you desire, you’ll be more open to opportunities and more.

Hope this post inspires you to create your own vision board.

Feel free to post any comments/feedback that you have, or post a link to your vision board photo if you’d like…

“The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it”
— Marcus Aurelius

  • http://www.dragonglobe.com Tyrone Shum

    Hey Aurelius,

    Great video and it’s inspiring to see your vision board as well. I’ve got something that’s been sitting by my computer everyday – here’s a picture of it:


    Don’t know how to add pictures to your comments section though….

  • Aurelius Tjin

    Thanks Tyrone!

    Your vision board looks awesome!! It’s neat.

    Yes, you posted your photo correctly :) Dragonboat is a very challenging sport. Great stuff.

  • http://www.traffic-generation-explosion.co.uk Richard

    Great post Aurelius, I have a goals list printed out on some quality paper rather than a vision board but I do have images of my goals so I can see what I want.

  • http://www.profitblogger.com Gobala Krishnan

    I used to have one too, but now its in an obscure place in my appartment. I think its time to move it to a more visible area and add some stuff to it..

  • Aurelius Tjin

    @ Richard – Thank you. Yea, if a simple goals list has been working for you, then no complaints. I’d rather call it a “Dream List” instead of a “goals list”, personally.

    @ Gobala – Hey, good to see you here. It’s time to update it with new goals and put it back in front of you where it’s going to keep bugging you till you achieve them all :)

  • http://therisingpath.com John Melanson


    Vision boards are a great idea, I have my own hanging over my computer so I can’t avoid having it in my face and sub-concious….it’s there all the time.

    Another little thing that I do is to get a picture of my closest goal and use it as my desktop wallpaper. If you’ve got numerous pics you could even make a slide show to play on your desktop that will change between them. Sort of an ez mind movie.

    Great stuff, keep it coming!!


  • Aurelius Tjin

    Hi John. Yes, desktop wallpaper vision boards are also a great idea! Good to see another making use of vision boards. Thanks for your comment.

  • http://www.learntolive.info Jim Parsons

    Hi Aurelis:

    I have used storyboards and teaching aids on flip charts, etc, for many years in making presentations. I have never considered one for personal motivation. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I think I shall create one for myself. Also, there is a spot just waiting for the concept in the Lifestyle section of my site. Motivation breeds success. Thank You.

  • Aurelius Tjin

    Hi Jim. Glad my post served as a reminder for you :). “Motivation breeds success” – great one! Thank you!

  • http://www.CrazyJBlog.com Crazy J

    Hi Aurelius,

    Thanks for posting about something that most people forget about. The visual aspect of the “Dream” or “Vision”.

    It is so true that we need to be able to see our goals in a visual way for them to manifest quicker.

    Several years ago while using a vision board, I posted a picture of my favorite cadillac on it. I was frustrated because nothing happened for two years, then I followed my Mentor’s suggestion to put dates on the goals on my vision board.

    I didn’t reach my goal on the date I set, but my financial circumstances changed in that month enabling me to purchase the exact model of cadillac as on my vision board the following month (and pay cash for it).

    So try adding a date to your visions and if you don’t reach them just keep plugging away and they will manifest.

    So thanks again for a great guideline and keep up the awesome mentorship.

    Cheers, Smiles and Success,
    Crazy J
    a.k.a. Johnny Hollywood
    Comedian turned Internet Marketer

  • Aurelius Tjin

    Hi Crazy J (Johny) :) Man, thanks for that awesome tip..I’ll take it into consideration…and awesome accomplishment you achieved! Hats off to you. Nice choice of car too :)

    Anyone else with vision board tips :) ?

  • http://ianyardley.co.uk/MindMovies1.html Ian Yardley

    The Vision Board is a great idea. However, I have found something much more powerful than this. It is a similar concept but you have it on your computer to play any time you need to with no technical abilities needed It is called Mind Movies and I would be obliged if you or your readers could see it at http://www.ianyardley.co.uk/MindMovies1.html

    Keep the information coming. Well done


  • Tina

    Hi Aurelius,

    I also use my computer desktop for my vision board. Since I’m always online I always have it in front of me and I can stop to focus on it for a few minutes throughout the day.

    I agree that you must take action. Seeing my dreams and goals in front of me push me to take action every day to help them come true. Thanks for posting your video. It is a good reminder to update vision boards or to start one.

  • http://www.harrycrowder.com Harry Crowder

    Hi Aurelius,

    Great video and a great idea. Keeping what we want in site always is a powerful thing.

    I will be sending your Dream Board link to my list this week as it ties in nicely with planning and goals.. 2 things I was talking about to my subscribers just last week.

    Thanks again,


  • Aurelius Tjin

    Thanks for your comments!

    @ Ian – Thanks for that resource. John Assaraf has a software that can create vision wallpapers http://johnassaraf.com/visionboard .

    @ Tina – Yes, it’s definitely better than looking at a “Windows” or “Mac” background.

    @ Harry – You’re free to use the video, since it is a YouTube video. Thank you!

  • http://www.onlinewindfallformula.com Victoria

    Hi Aurelius

    I was inspired to cut out visuals of my desires-house, car, holidays etc after watching The Secret (John Assaraf’s part) but I didn’t paste them on a board, instead they are lying on my study table.
    Guess, it is time to put them on a board, just like you’ve recommended.
    Thanks for sharing and the timely reminder – since it is end of the year and time for resolutions ;)

  • http://www.NikaBleu.com Kim

    Hi Aurelius,

    So over-the-top of you to help lift people’s spirits. Your success is earned.

    I don’t have a vision board; instead I have a tapestry from South Africa called “The Tree of Life”. It was crafted by local women and its’ components symbolize our own relevance and place here on Earth.


  • Aurelius Tjin

    @ Victoria – Yes! John Assaraf’s the champion! His presentations are powerful. I like his story about how he started his vision board and it was later packed for storage for a few years and when he moved to his new home he unpacked his box to find that the house he’s living in right now is what was on his vision board. Amazing. Yes, now’s the best time to start your vision board for the new year, instead of just mentally noting your “New Year’s resolution”.

    @ Kim – Thank you! I appreciate that. Yes, I’ve heard about The Tree of Life somewhere…can’t remember where. That is very unique, and if it helps you one way or another then great.

  • http://www.LetsWow.com Ladan Lashkari

    Hey Aurelius,

    Thanks for the great reminder.

    I used to have a big vision board a few years ago with all my goals featured on it: dream house, country, car, piano, traveling, career, etc.

    I’ve reached some of them so need to start a new one. Looking back, I see how this board was actually responsible for all my motivation back in the harder days. (Working hard online and making $10 a month. lol)

    Thanks for the helpful post!


  • http://www.changingtheworld2gether.com Ken Underhill

    Thanks Aurelius for an excellent video on creating a dream board. I’m going to watch it a few times to get all the juicy tidbits of wisdom out of it. Thanks again Aurelius. I like your blog!

  • Aurelius Tjin

    Hi Ladan – excellent goals! I know you’ve accomplished a lot of great things in the past. More and more young entrepreneurs doing good.

    Hi Ken. Thank you! Much appreciated.

  • http://looiformoney.com Jeremy

    Thanks Aurelius, your vision board really inspired me! I used to write down my dream list in a piece of paper but… after looking at your vision board, the feeling… is difference! I will gonna get one board from stationary and start to stick on my dream list and goals.

    Thanks man!

  • Aurelius Tjin

    Hi Jeremy. Excellent! Yes, sometimes writing your goals down just isn’t enough. A picture is worth a thousand words. Humans are visual creatures :)


  • http://www.alberthallado.com/ Albert Hallado

    Hi Aurelius ,

    Hey Bud! Albert here, I have a vision board too but it’s not done yet, I will let you know and hopefully show it here to you readers.

    GREAT Post Aurelius!

    Albert Hallado

  • http://www.l-atelier.co.uk Richard Nussey

    Very inspiring video thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.thebiggestnewbie.com Nigel

    Great information thank heaps. Newbie Marketer from Oz

  • http://www.rechargelife.org Brian Baulch

    Great Information to begin a New Year in 2009 with Aurelius thank you , l will get to work with our own vision board here

  • Aurelius Tjin

    @ Albert – Sure, let me see when it’s done :)

    @ Richard – Good to see it was inspiring.

    @ Nigel – Ahh good to see another oz !

    @ Brian – Thank you! Sure thing.

  • http://www.remivladuceanu.com Remi Vladuceanu

    Hi Aurelius,

    Thanks for sharing your vision board :)

    Actually it’s better if you don’t glue the pictures and words to the board. This is a little secret I picked up from Joe Vitale. Joe says it’s better if you can move the images and words around so that you don’t get used with the same overall image of the vision board.(!)

    Another thing that you can do and it will “make” you reach your goals is to add dates next to the images. for example you put up an image of Niagara Falls and you said you’ll go there in maybe 2 years…

    Why not put up a date that says: “I’ll be going to Niagara Falls until December 1th 2009″ that way you can concentrate on reaching your goals – and your vision board deadline :)

    I also made a vision board but instead of using one board I use two boards. One with a red border for my goals and one with a blue border for my accomplished goals. You see, it’s a good thing to have those accomplished goals right there in front of you so you can take a look once in a while when you’re down and get filled with that awesome feeling of accomplishment!

    My blue board has something great on it (for me) – A no smoking sign! (I quit smoking – hopefully forever!)

    I have a ton of other ideas about vision boards so if someone wants a hand just let me know :)

    Thanks again,

    Remi Vladuceanu

  • http://www.thefootyclub.com/richmond-tigers-news.html Richmond

    Hi Aurelius. Thanks for the success quotes and I hope it brings you more success.

  • http://bestyourlife2.com Emrick

    Great story! I have a variation of a storyboard up. You can also write in a journal, paste picture of your desires and goals.

  • http://www.alfiopuglisi.com Alfio Puglisi

    Fantastic videos! I also have a vision board . I write down my goals on post notes, and post them every where In my home. It is a constant reminder of what I must do. Thank you

  • Noam

    finally decided to make my own vision board
    how ’bout “hangin” it on my desktop?
    only 17″ wide but will do great won’t it

  • http://www.rodneygoldston.com Rodney

    Aurelius…GREAT video! Picture of my vision board here http://www.flickr.com/photos/11477010@N00/3515349336/. Thanks for following me on Twitter.

  • Aurelius Tjin

    sorry about the late replies.

    @ Remi – Excellent tip about not glueing your pictures. I’m also a big fan of Joe Vitale. Much respect for him!

    @ Emrick – yes, your journal would be ideal too, only if you look at it everyday :)

    @ Noam – yes, that would work well too.

    @ Rodney – Excellent start my friend. Looks good.

    Thanks for your comments

  • http://www.visionboardmax.com Annie

    Vision Board is the perfect tool to help you focus your attention on the goals that you have set for yourself.

  • http://www.chelynnenicole.com Chelynne

    It works! Since I have made a vision board, I have published my book, met Kevin Costner twice, was on TV promoting my book and celebrated with a champagne reception book party. All of this was on my vision board.

  • StephenLK

    Just an introduction. Glad to be here, I’m new. Saying hi to all you all. ;)