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If you want to build a big, responsive, targeted list then this special step-by-step tutorial is for you. You'll learn how to create a killer opt in page.

There are many ways of getting subscribers. If you want to get people to opt-in to your list without hesitation then you need, what we call, an opt-in page.

Basically an opt-in page forces the reader to sign up to "find out more" -- find out more about your product, receive a PDF, video or whatever else it may be. There's a right way and wrong way to do it. I've seen so many people do it incorrectly which caused them to get very poor conversion rates.

What I'm about to reveal to you is the exact methods I use to get conversions of 40-65%!

These secrets to properly writing and formatting an opt-in page I'm about to reveal to you have been proven to work. If you know how to follow simple step-by-step instructions, then this will be a breeze for you to follow.

I recommend you use either LeadPages or OptimizePress to create opt-in pages. It's the fastest and easiest way in my opinion.

You'll also be able to download a free opt in page and see examples of good opt in pages in the video tutorial above.

How To Create An Opt-In Page The Long Way

If you don't want to pay for opt in page software and tools, follow this guide.

Step 1. Load up your favorite webpage editor.

You may use programs like Dreamweaver or KompoZer available free at

Step 2. Insert a new table, about 600 pixels wide.

I read an article once from a well-known Internet marketer that a table that's 600 pixels wide converts well. This was actually tested and proven. With people's computer screens getting bigger, 600px wide may actually be quite narrow. Basically people read better when content is wrapped and in blocks. Make sure your table is centered.

Step 3.  Write an attention grabbing headline.

Your headline is THE most important part of your opt-in landing page. It is the first thing visitors will see.

Your headline should have the following:

  • Use quotation marks at the start and end of your headline.
  • Red in color to make it more attention-grabbing.
  • Large font size.

I've had great success using a headline like "Free Report Reveals How To ______"

The word "free" is the most powerful word in sales/marketing.

Step 4. Add your sub-headline (optional)

The purpose of a sub-headline is to stress out your promise even more.

For example, you headline could be something like:

"Free Report Reveals How To Shred 5KG of Fat in just 30 Days"

Your sub-headline would then look something like this:

"You'll Discover The Exact Step-By-Step System That I Used To Accomplish This Plus How To Keep It Off!"

Step 5. Add a short introduction

This is an optional part, but you can simply address a specific and stressing problem in your area. For example: "Are you sick and tired of all the debt that's piling up?"

Step 6. Add 4-5 benefit-driven bullet points

Make sure to focus on benefits, not features. An example of a feature would be something like: 2 Terabytes of hard drive space. This is a feature. It doesn't emotionally connect with your reader.

The benefit is that it will allow you to store all your valuable music, videos, photos, and documents with plenty more space left over for. Stress out the benefits, not the features.

Step 7. Add your call to action

Now your reader wants to know what to do next. This is where you tell them to fill in their details such as his/her first name and primary email address.

Step 8. Copy & Paste the opt-in form.

Go to your autoresponder service/software and copy and paste the HTML code for the subscription box underneath your call-to-action.

I use AWeber as one of my main autoresponder services because they have great tools to build your list and their deliveribility rate is very high, which means your emails will get a better chance of going to your subscribers' inbox.

Also add a short privacy policy just so they know you're not going to spam them or sell their contact details.

Step 9.  Upload your opt-in page and its files to your server

Use an FTP program like Filezilla to upload your webpage files to your server.

Step 10.  Watch your opt-ins soar!

That's it! You've now got a winning landing page that's ready to attract subscribers!

To see an example of how all these steps come together, check out

Other Examples of Good Opt-in Pages

To see examples of good opt-in pages, check these out:

How To Create A Landing Page
Example 1

Landing Pages
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how to create landing pages
Example 3

Free Opt In Page Download

Looking for the best opt in page that's worked well for me? I've created a template for you so you can simply download it, open it up in your web page editor and change the texts, images and anything else you'd like.

This page has been tested over and over again and has been tweaked for the highest conversions as possible. It was tested using all sorts of traffic - banner ads, solo ads, email list, integration, Facebook Ads, traffic exchanges and more.

I would like to give it to you as a gift for stopping by my blog!

Here's what the template looks like:

free landing page

Click Here To Download The Free Template

All you need to do is open it up in your favorite web page editor and edit away.

What you'll get:

  • The main optin page
  • A confirmation page
  • A thank you page
  • Sample images included too

Simply add your autoresponder code!

How To Build A Landing Page The Quick Way

If you want to create opt-in pages quickly & easily, I highly recommend LeadPages or OptimizePress. It's by far the easiest and fastest way to create an opt-in page or landing page.

With a WYSIWYG, user-friendly interface, you'll no longer worry about getting a page up and instead build leads and subscribers faster than ever before.

Click, edit, publish and that's all that you need to do. There's no messing around with HTML and other complicated code.

The choice is clear.

Good luck and let me know your thoughts!

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  3. Wow, I have wondered about opt-in design elements for a long time – right down to the font size. Looking at your optin pages I can see why they do so well. I just opted in to something of yours a minute ago. 🙂

    I’m saving this blog post in a Word document for later reference.

    Your site is one of the best IM sites ever, and you have such a cool name. Thanks for offering a lot of info and value.

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  4. Hi, thanks for this highly informative post. I am going to use it step for step to make my very own opt in page at I hope that when you view this, I will already be finished with this page, and then you can see if you good post paid off, or if I messed up my first attempt, hehe. Thanks again for the great advice, it’s nice to see people adding some good value to the IM industry.

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    I want to create an optin page for my website but I do not have HTML experience. Any websites that I can pay to create an optin page for my site?

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    This is great advise, I’m a new blogger, just over a week and I’m looking at ways of increasing the productivity of my blog and I will be sharing the things I’ve learnt about on there as well as mentioning people who have been of help just like Carole. Can I find different styles on Warrior Forum, I’m gonna check any how.

    Thanks and sunshine to you!

    • You absolutely can include video on your opt-in page. Just make sure to “tease” your visitor so they’re more inclined to opt-in to receive more.

  7. Hi Aurelius, your video tutorial is very informative. I really like it as I’ve watched the video..What I like about it is that it plays a very good role in the success of your online business.. you might wanna write about how to improve it? just wondering though, thanks!

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