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By looking at this comic, would you say you have anything in common? (excuse the male character if you’re a female :))

How productive are you? How many hours of actual “productive” work do you get done each day?

I’m normally on the computer from 11am till 3am. That’s 16 hours. The amount of “productive” work I get done is about 7-8 hours.

When I say “productive”, I mean actual work that’s contributing to the growth of your business.

I’d love to hear how productive you are – whether you work part-time or full-time on your business.

Share your thoughts with us, here…

– Aurelius Tjin


  1. That youtube video doesn’t look very entertaining :D

    Seriously though, who draws all these cartoons – they are pretty smart.

    Brian Collins

    P.S. – Your conditioned to read the ps’s :D
    P.P.S. – Uber ? Is that some Aussie slang Aurelius ? :)

  2. Hey Michael…long time no see! Hope you’re well. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone wore underpants. No harm :)

    Hey Brian – yes, we all get sidetracked don’t we. You’d be surprised at how many “cartoonist” there are on freelance sites. I basically give them the idea/concept, and they draw.

    Uber is German for “over”. Correct me if I’m wrong. In Internet geek talk, we say “ubercool” meanin Super Cool!

    My friend, Frank Bauer, from http://www.viralurl.com/aurelius , would be able to explain better :)

  3. Hahaha I loved this one, very like me, but with cigarettes and beer cans and female ofcourse.

    Possibly a big cloud of smoke above me when im working, filty dirty habit I Know!

    Hmmm productive work, let me see, for every hour on the pc probably about 10 minutes is productive work, I am easily distracted!

    But if I have to finish something I turn off the email notifier etc etc and get the job done!

    Loving the cartoons keep them coming!

    Sally :)

  4. I work another job in the morning, check emails and gather resources for my site (and have fun and relax in the afternoon). Early evening until late I’m in the “zone” and get the important stuff done. And I never take a day off because Internet Marketing really is fun!

  5. Man this cartoon is me! The only difference is I don’t wear slippers! But seriously as I am just starting up, I only work 4-5 hours at night after my “regular” job. But I plug away because I enat tot retire in 3 years. Thanks for your stuff it helps alot.

    Yours in marketing,
    Buzz Reed

  6. If he cleaned up his desk, emptied the trash, took a hot shower, shaved and then came back and read Unstoppable Profits he would be back in the game in no time flat. I guarantee!!! Am I right??? Yep I am…

  7. Aurelius,

    Cool. I have noticed that cartoons are becoming more popular in IM circles lately. Interesting development.

    To answer your specific question, I would say about 75 percent productive (business building) and the other 25 percent taking care of overhead, *learning*, and routine stuff like e-mails, surfing, webinars, etc. The latter can have some longer-term benefits (e.g., attending webinars), so it’s hard to calculate it like a typical j-o-b where you measure “productivity” by the paid hour (employee). I need to spend less time on e-mails, as do most of us. Thanks for asking. It’s a good and thought-provoking question, Aurelius.

    Cheri Sigmon

  8. Aurelius, I have to say that I’m definitely not as productive as I should be. When I get online I do have intentions to write new content and to promote and build my blog, but then I just end up reading other blogs for hours on end, talking to friends, or browsing indefinitely with StumbleUpon. I really do need to learn how to focus more, I suppose. Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Can I relate to this Aurelius! Although in all truth my surrounds are in a worse state I have to say.

    Like you I am putting in some pretty horrendous hours, and I’d estimate perhaps 50% of those are not directly productive. But the scales are tipping a little more in favor of increased productive work .. so lets hope 2008 sees an improvement.

    Thanks – I just may sneak your cartoon!

  10. I had trouble at first focusing on my Income producing actions. However, Now I find I focus on my goals, and just do the proper actions to get there. It really helps to cut down a wasted activities that really does not serve myself at all.

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