Damn it! Buy From Me Already!

It seems as though getting the attention of people online is extremely difficult…

Internet marketers, for example, will do extremely crazy things just so people, like you, will buy from them. For instance, when there’s a “big product launch” happening, hundreds of Joint-venture partners and affiliates join in to make as much commissions and try to get to the top of the “JV Top 10″ or Top 20, just so they can win a cash prize or a toy (at the very least).

I’ve seen some really crazy bonuses and bribes in the past – from ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles), to a package full of hundreds of resell rights products.

I won’t deny it, I do crazy things just so you can buy from me too. What I don’t do is pile on irrelevant and unnecessary junk, just so I can make a sale.

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in now. My main niche is in the “Internet marketing” niche, and it’s super-competitive.

You’re seeing it a lot nowadays:

  • Under pricing of products – competitors selling the same product, but at a cheaper price.

  • A product claiming that you’ll get rich with their “magic pill”, and you HAVE to learn from them because they’ve been in business for X number of years, made three-million online from “doing nothing”, has a nice house and car(s).

  • Special software scripts and mechanisms that change the price of your product every 20 minutes or whatever – to make you buy the offer, before the price increases.

  • The list goes on…

These marketing and selling “tricks” aren’t new. They’ve been around ever since value was exchanged for another value. Everything’s just evolved and enhanced because of the technology we have nowadays.

Contrary to the point, here are some miscellaneous principles which I think should be emphasized (may be irrelevant, but I wanted to share it with you) -

  • Exchanging value – “You give me that, and I’ll give you this”. It’s traditionally called barter.

  • Build trusts and relationships with prospects and customers

  • Never insult your prospect’s or customer’s intelligence – treat them like a human being

  • Add value, give quality and original information – What’s your unique selling proposition (USP)? There’s already enough people mailing out offers every single day of the week. What makes your newsletter different to the rest?

Getting back to the point…

Do you feel like you’re losing direction, or focus, because there’s just so much information out there and so many people telling you to “buy from them”?

What do you think about this? This is just the way I view things. You may have a totally different perspective than me. I really don’t know. Post your comments. I’d love to hear from you – whether it’s good or bad.

Thanks. I appreciate your time reading this.

Aurelius Tjin

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  1. Great Cartoon Aurelius! Nothing Can Stop You When You Magnetize Your Thoughts.

    Learn Each Day As If You Would Live Forever …
    Live Each Day As If It Where Your Last!

    Live Long, Laugh Often and Prosper,


  2. Yes, there are a lot of people popping up in the affiliate marketing niche. But i am not too worried about them and their bizzare tactics. The real truth about success in this niche is the winners are those who have truely genuine content and stamina.

    Affiliate marketing is a business that needs to be nutured in the long term

    The opportunists will come but the majority of them will go. In the time being you would have been busy building creditability and a solid sustainable business

  3. Hi Aurelius,

    I agree with you about the competitive part. Last time, affiliate marketing used to be about recommending someone else’s product and getting a cut of the profits.

    Now it is about getting affiliates to SELL their own products along with the merchant’s so that the customer will buy from your affiliate link…

    – Khai

  4. I have found it disconcerting that so many “gurus” push the same products with outlandish bonuses. Many times it is difficult to determine which ones are legitimate and which aren’t. Personal experience is that you invest money, find ones that are phoney, and hopefully find one or two that really provide outstanding resources and product.s

  5. Cool Cartoon, I like the way that people are smiling as they give away their money, wonder if the smile is still on their face after they get their product!

    Bonuses don’t usually sway me in my decision to buy.

    I normally have a favourite “guru” so when I get massive amounts of emails for the same product, I seek out my guru’s email and buy from them.

    Customer loyality plays a big part in making sales, just as you stated above Aurelius.

    Another great blog post, keep them coming!

    Sally :)

  6. People always try to look for quick solution to reduce their pain. That’s giving the opportunity to promote those “hype” info products in the market.

    i’m totally agree with what you’re saying here. Foundation work must be done before you try to create buzz or hype in the market.

    Nowadays, really hard to get attention from the market unless you have certain reputation in your niche market.

  7. Hey guys,

    Yea, there’s nothing wrong with extra “bonuses” on top of the products. They heavily concentrate on their “bonuses” more than they concentrate on the actual product promoting, and its value & benefit to you.

    Aurelius Tjin

  8. It is funny that I just posted on my blog (last night in fact)about getting attention to your web site.

    My observation is that controversy sells.

    With cartoons, I guess humour sells as well ;)

  9. Hey Mei,

    You posted a comment for my other post…I didn’t get time to reply to it, but I just want to say “Thanks!”.

    Controversy does sell! Humour’s a good medicine :)

    Aurelius Tjin

  10. I agree with this. Being new to the business, it is hard to decide who to go with for certain things. I recently bought into something because a guru was associated with it. I haven’t found him or his products anywhere in there.

    Lucky, the product speaks for itself and brings enough value to me to keep with it.

    Alex Navas

  11. Agreed. The internet marketing niche is unbelievably competitive. But isn\’t this what makes the internet such a buzz? I do believe that most people researching their subject on the net, quickly come to realise which internet marketers are offering valuable advice and products, and which simply use their newsletters to sell, sell, sell, without concern for quality and uniqueness. That\’s what the \

  12. Christine,

    You’re most certainly right.

    First impressions last. I normally judge someone by what they share.

    More cartoons coming. There’s two points to why I post cartoons –

    1) Educate – To stimulate and massage your thoughts

    2) Humour and time out from all the nonsense

    If you loved this cartoon, you’ll love the next one I’ll be posting soon.

    Keep your eyes peeled for more.

    Aurelius Tjin

  13. The cartoon is spot on Aurelius.

    I think the underlying issue with the market today is that there has been an influx of new marketers who believe they can only sell internet marketing products. As a flow on effect we now see more and more PLR content and new marketers are told “put your name on it and sell it as your own” So in effect we now have 20 copies of the exact same product just with different packaging and names. Because new marketers still are unsure of what they’re doing they buy more and more marketing products – popup/under/over/in/out products are particularly popular! As are list building products. And it just becomes a crazy sell, sell, sell environment.

    If you’re a new marketer my advice is to think outside the square. There are literally millions of people shopping online for millions of different products.

    A wise man once told me he stopped listening to 500 different people and concentrated on only a handful of marketers – those who provided good advice and information. Since then I’ve cleared my inbox and in doing so have been more productive. Hmmmm…I wonder who it was who told me that! :)

  14. Yeah thats true nikki. Newbies really need to start with affiliate marketing for a while that way they understand marketing. then after they can make their own products but only if they have some sort of decent content. There is no point saying something like “killer secrets” if its just a few common things. People want truth not over the top crazy exaggeration.

  15. Great cartoon! Funny though.
    Yes, there is alot of competition to grab attention. JV firesales, Online Webinars by a group of well-known Gurus and everybosy trying to promote them with their BONUS offers to add value etc.
    At the end of the day, which of these offers will bring true results is what matters and sustain the credibility of the promoters.
    For beginners, just pick one niche area of making money online and focus on it. Don’t be distracted by so many great offers, otherwise we will not achieve anything concrete.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  16. Hey Aurelius,

    Nice cartoon, I feel the same way about the Internet Marketing industry.

    Good catching up with you the other day… we’ll organise that meet and greet with all the Sydney IM probably the 2nd week of October.

    Take care bro.


  17. Won’t under pricing just end up killing all the other competitors? And eventually the industry itself? Perhaps what would work best for me is the way salespeople treat me. Customers have a mind of their own. As you wrote, marketers shouldn’t insult them or treat them like they aren’t capable of making their own decisions.

  18. I agree with you, Aurelius.

    I’m trying to build a site with products, downloads and resource links I believe best serve my visitors.

    When I started in this business, I naively ended up on hundreds of mailing lists and took an unintentional crash course in IM.

    It would have been nice to find a handful of genuinely helpful sites where I could find just about everything I needed, run but marketers I could interact with and trust.

    At the end of the day, we need to turn a good profit, but I’d rather be proud of the way I do business than be rich because I relentlessly sledge-hammered thousands of people with the latest, greatest product launches every few days.

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