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As an online marketer, you'll fall into many traps and problems you won't expect. One particular problem stands out from the rest. You probably don't even realize you have this problem.


Hey it’s Aurelius Tjin and in this post I want to share with you one of the biggest problems beginner internet marketers face.

I’ve got to admit when I started out online I struggled with this problem as well.

What is "The Problem"?

The problem is you purchase a product, you let it collect digital dust and by the time you actually look through the content or the material you find the next greatest thing where you think it’s going to take your business to the next level.

So the cycle repeats over and over again and by the time you purchase all these products you realize that you’ve spent thousands of dollars and you see no results at all, you’re overwhelmed and you’re suffering from information overload.

When I started out I used to do eBay and I was selling unwanted goods just to start out. I was like "this is pretty cool!" selling unwanted goods, and then I moved on to sell eBooks on eBay and then I found this latest thing about using the arbitrage method. Then there was several other ways, other business models I went and tried online without much success.

I Didn't Look At An Internet Business As A Real Business

"Internet money" is quite different to physical money that you see in front of you. I wasn’t focused on just one system, one business model, all I did was I just trying to make ends meet and just do whatever was working but it wasn’t the right way. It wasn’t the right mindset.

I receive emails each day and I see the struggles that my subscribers are going through and it kind of reminds me of how I used to be when I started out online. I know exactly where they’re coming from and that is the issue. The issue is they’re trying all these different things and thinking about this next gadget or tool that is going to be the next greatest thing. In actual fact, if they don’t implement it, if they don’t take action then they’re basically not going to see any results. That’s kind of common sense.

The issue is they want to see and make money overnight and they want to make it fast because usually people who are looking for solutions online or who want to look for a home business online are desperate and they want to make money as fast as possible, it doesn’t matter what type of system it is.

So What Should You Do?

Normally what I advise to my subscribers is to follow one system. There’s a lot of routes and ways in which you can make money online. You can go and sell things on eBay, buy things in bulk and then resell it for profit. You can get into the private label or resale rights business where you’re buying an eBook with private label rights or resale rights and then reselling it with your own name or brand.

Then there’s the affiliate marketing route where you can promote products as an affiliate to gain commission from, or you can go and create your own products, become a product seller and sell it like that, or you can go and sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle.

It’s kind of obvious that there’s a lot of ways in which you can make money online but pick one system, focus on it until you see results.

Plant The Seeds Starting Now

Plant the seeds right now, you won’t see results on day one but as you continue along, have some patience and persistence, and as you go along you’ll see results. You might not make your first dollar the next day, but as you go along you might make a dollar for this month and then next month you might compound. Then you’ll gain that momentum and then keep focusing on that system and scale it to whatever limit you want.

Learn To Filter

The next time you purchase a product make sure you filter out any other offers and emails that come through your inbox so then you can just focus on just that one system. Focus on that, get your website up, whatever it may be, whatever the plan might be until you see your first results.

It could be getting your website up, that’s already a milestone. As soon as you get your website up you can get your product up, get your shopping cart up and running and then you’ll see your first dollar.

That’s all it is, it’s just a procedure, it’s a process.

Take Responsibility

No one is going to do it for you, no one is going to spoon feed you. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and as soon as you start changing your mindset and looking at it as a real business and you’re responsible for getting it to the next level, then you will see results.

One of the advantages of focusing on one thing is that you’ll naturally filter out anything that doesn’t or is not going to complement that system or that plan of yours.

What sort of struggles are you facing in your business?

Just scroll down below and you’ll see a comment field to leave your comment.

16 thoughts on “The Biggest Problem Beginners Will Face And How You Can Avoid It

  1. That was great Aurelius yep I have made some money but not a real lot and maybe I am trying to do to much but I just enjoy it really. I have several sites and have bought one PLR product off you Social Media Authority and have promoted it a lot without much success but will soldier on cos I never quit and will never quit like many do. 6 months ago I bought my own Auto responder which you can have on your own sites its called Rapid Mailer and am really just concentrating on building a list and I have had a lot of trouble with this autoresponder but again will perservere

    • Yes, a reason why some aren’t reaching the next level is because they are spreading their focus when they could put 100% into one. Apply the Pareto Principle – focus on the 20% that yields 80% of the results.

      Although I would not recommend self-hosted autoresponder scripts, at least you’re starting somewhere. In the long run, I would use an autoresponder service such as Aweber.

  2. I realized that I have a lot of plr products and now in the process of updating them and promoting. Enjoyed this video. Need to stay focus on one thing and mine is building an email list

  3. Thanks for the post Aurelius! This is a really great video. I tend to get stuck on a few different areas of my business and look for a solution to the problem. Then I end up buying a whole new system and trying to learn that as well. I really need to stay focus.

  4. Another great video! I must admit that I also have a case of the “Shiny Now Product” syndrome… But for some reason it always turns out to be another – Broken Easy Button. Thanks for the great video, you hit the nail on the head…

  5. Aurelius, you are so right. I have been bouncing around from one thing to another. Everything looks and sounds attractive. After purchacing one of your ebooks, I have been concentrating more on one certain thing, but I still have the urge to check out new things.
    Even though I am an educator, it is difficult to practice what I preach. “Do one thing until you get good at it and then move to the next.” I subscribed to you a couple years back, but unsubscrided when I was getting 200 emails a day total from all my subscriptions. I am glad that I am back. Thanks for the little kick in the butt with your post. I needed it.

  6. Aurelius, you are really awesome in my book. You just don’t talk the talk, you show me in detail your Integrity overall. Great Job. I am focused because of you. Thanks again for me heading in the right direction and not giving up. Cat

  7. Watched your video on Youtube, clicked to read your article. Thank you for the
    share. Makes me feel like, if you have been there and done that, what you are saying to do just might be the travel map to follow.
    No hype, just the truth. Buy all you want, but if you don’t buckle down and use it, you are
    Lost in the desert without a water bottle.
    🙂 You will be hearing from me again when I get everything set up. For sure.

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