Are You An Emailaholic? 5 Signs That Show You Are!

Does this look like you? Yes! It’s a real addiction…

It’s a serious problem but we all need to learn how to laugh at ourselves from time to time…

5 Signs That Reveal You’re An Emailaholic

  1. You check your email every 10-15 minutes for new orders, new offers, emails from customers, joint ventures, (viagra?) and the list goes on…

  2. Your mum, spouse or whoever, calls you out for dinner but you tell her “5 more minutes honey”, so you can reply to an email. 5 minutes ends up being 30 minutes.

  3. You’re in the middle of creating or editing your website and you repeatedly point to your email program and “refresh” your inbox.

  4. You have separate folders for different types of emails.

  5. You make sure that your email program runs on startup i.e. – you set Outlook to run automatically when you log on.

I have a relationship with my inbox and it makes me feel weird!

I’m guilty of checking my inbox every 15 minutes. The first thing most people would do is go to the loo. The first thing I do is check my email to see how many more sales I’ve received!

Don’t make Alex (the cartoon) and me feel weird and alone :)

Can you add more “Signs” to the list I’ve already made? This will be interesting to see.

I’d love to hear from you!

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- Aurelius Tjin
The guilty Emailaholic



  1. Oh My, you do have it bad!! I am an emailaholic and not afraid to admit it, but I come from it honestly I do believe. My father, who passed away in November was a closet emailaholic who, if he did not receive an email in oh say half an hour, he would call and ask me to send one just to make sure his was working. Talk about neurotic??
    psssst how many of your emails do you actually read? I spend almost 3hrs a day going through various inboxes reading each unique posting. No wonder I get nothing done!
    Have faith fellow EA’s as soon as I hear where the next EA meeting is, I’ll email you.


    Hey Camille,

    Wow are you serious? I find that funny but at the same time, I take it serious.

    I’m not THAT bad…

    No, I don’t read through every email I receive..

    Thanks for posting Camille.

  3. Here’s another sign you are afflicted with EADD (Email Attention Deficit Disorder) which is nearly as bad as EHADD (Entrepreneurial Hyper Attention Deficit Disorder):

    If you assign a seperate notification tone to your incoming email based on sender, then you may be afflicted and should seek immediate help.

    (lol, keep the cartoons coming Aurelius).


  4. Nice cartoon, Aurelius!

    I know it’s very tempting to become an emailaholic especially in this online business, but I usually manage not to go too far.

    Because if I’m in the middle of writing an ebook or article, it will make me lose my thread of thoughts and ideas if I go into checking my emails too often.

    But still, it happens sometimes. :)

    By the way, I use Gmail which is an emailaholic’s dream come true. So you won’t have to press any refresh button. It automatically keeps refreshing your inbox every few seconds.

    So the only thing you need to do is keep your Gmail window open.

  5. My name is Alex Newell and I’m an emailaholic! Only reliance on a greater Power can save us from this affliction!

    And since you called your cartoon character “Alex” I had to put him in my blog. More cartoons please Aurelius!


  6. Yup, me too! I actually have almost 100 folders in Outlook and rules that move my incoming mail accordingly.

    I receive tons of emails (from the various lists I subscribed) and just scan the subject lines to see if there’s something interested to read about. And I keep hitting the refresh button every 20 minutes or so…

    Great cartoon!

  7. Yes, I qualify on the grounds of spending more time with my inbox’s at 4 different accounts, than with site design, updates, and additions anymore. Thank you for the comic relief and laughter at the situation :-D

  8. You know you’re an emailaholic when:

    You have “Cha-Ching” as your notification sound when orders come in.

    You wake up to go pee in the middle of the night and you check your email.

    You go to a friend’s house and check your email while you are there.

    Your 3 year old son says to you, “I’ll be there in a minute, I have to check my email” and he doesn’t even know what it means!

  9. That’s one I forgot to mention – “Email rules”. You set filters for certain types of emails so they are stored directly to a specific folder or get deleted automatically if it contains the word(s) that you filtered.

    > Robin – “Wake up to go pee in the middle of the night and you check your email” – That is funny :) I’ve only done this once and I hope it doesn’t happen again.

    Nice additions though…

    We all gotta learn to laugh at ourselves sometimes…

    Thanks for the comments!

  10. Yes..I am…thanks to the 200 emails I get every day…and that’s not counting the hundreds of additional spam e-mails.

    I guess Aurelius forgot another Emailaholic sign…do you have multiple e-mail accounts which are checked constantly every day?

  11. Emailaholic? You better believe it. I even have my computer set about 5 feet from the kitchen door so that I can check while I cook.

    I am guilty of 4 of the five, but nevertheless, I am also guilty. But I love it. That is probably of on the reasons (the main reason) that I have a hard time focusing. Of course, I don’t read each and everyone, but I do read alot. I consider it a learning experience. :-D

    Great cartoon!

    Keep it coming!


  12. You know you are an emailholic when you realize that the light of the next day is dawning and you haven’t gone to bed yet.
    I probably have you all topped with my experience of falling asleep in my chair in front of the computer, falling out and cracking 3 ribs in the process. Wow! Those emails can hurt sometimes!

  13. Nice cartoon I am already flooded with e-mails due to many subscriptions to greate internet marketing gurus. Anyway there is no other way to keep in touch with growing changes in internet marketing world.

  14. Patricia – That’s a nice one! Hahaha…Falling asleep in front of the computer! I’m guilty of that.

    Yes, emails are a good way to stay up to date.

    At the same time, it sucks our productiveness…

  15. Hi Aurelius,

    that’s a really cute cartoon!

    anw, i must admit I do fall under the category of ‘emailholic’. trying real hard to get out of it!

    seems like the list of signs are pretty complete now.

    perhaps another addition: you save all your emails and re-read them when you do not have any new ones coming in. :)

  16. Hi Aurelius,

    Great Cartoon ;-)
    I put my hand up. Is me to a T…
    Am GUILTY..(big smiles).
    Very light hearted yet something we cannot do without in the internet business.

    Look forward to the next cartoon & your emails.

    Love your work.

  17. I love the cartoon !!

    I have a few ……

    You might be an emailaholic if your girlfriend or boyfriend calls and you tell them no I can’t go – I have to stay home and check my email

    You might be an emailaholic if you have tones, colored flags and rules set up for all the different keywords your looking for in your emails.

    More Cartoons !!! They are great!!!

  18. Sign #2 happens to me almost every night when I’m connected to the internet.
    Another sign that may be included is,if you are having trouble connecting to the internet from home,you quickly drive to a cyber cafe to open your mailbox from there,but if your wife askes you to buy something from a nearest shop,you feel so lazy to go.

  19. Hey Aurelius, these comments made me laugh! All too familiar to me.

    Yes I an emailaholic and proud of it!

    I have not assigned different notification tones but…

    I am away to find out how to do it now!!!

    Sally :)

  20. More cartoons will be coming :) Watch your inbox like a hawk.

    Yes, I know one markter who uses a “Cha ching” sound effect when there’s a sale notification.. hilarious :) :)

    – Aurelius

  21. Haha! I got here cause of an e-mail! Yeah, my gmail is chock full of filters from this list or that. Too often, I find myself checking my e-mail at like 6am and I still have not gone to bed:O Work at 11am lol I`m guilty of hitting refresh at times every few minutes! WE NEED HELP!:P

  22. So… the cash register sound that plays with every payment I receive makes me an addict?

    Then so be it! :)

    Usually I try not to keep checking my emails all the time… just 1-2 times a day. Sometimes more often… ;)

    Best regards,

    Frank Bauer

  23. It is something I really have to work on!
    LOL My hard drive was so full of MRRs and PLRS
    I had to buy an external one for more storage.
    I started to unsubscribe from a lot of address’s

  24. Wow!! I am definetly one of those workaholic, I am constantly checking my emails from WORK at home and replying. Another symptom for me is that If I don’t recieve an email I think…That nobody cares about my job! Which is not true… I refresh my desktop every 3 minutes and as soon as I wake up turn on my PC… Crazy!!

  25. I think the only time I was a truly eMailAholic was for the months that i subscribe to eHarmony. Sometimes there’s not much activity, but very often when you are working with a lot of matches (and there were times when the number was off the charts!), you can go absolutely, positively, totally buggy with the constant new mail coming in!

    I’m glad things are more sane for me these days! (Sorry ladies :-)

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