Damn it! Buy From Me Already!

It seems as though getting the attention of people online is extremely difficult…

Internet marketers, for example, will do extremely crazy things just so people, like you, will buy from them. For instance, when there’s a “big product launch” happening, hundreds of Joint-venture partners and affiliates join in to make as much commissions and try to get to the top of the “JV Top 10″ or Top 20, just so they can win a cash prize or a toy (at the very least).

I’ve seen some really crazy bonuses and bribes in the past – from ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles), to a package full of hundreds of resell rights products.

I won’t deny it, I do crazy things just so you can buy from me too. What I don’t do is pile on irrelevant and unnecessary junk, just so I can make a sale.

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in now. My main niche is in the “Internet marketing” niche, and it’s super-competitive.

You’re seeing it a lot nowadays:

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Who Inspires You?

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To keep myself motivated and inspired, I align myself with great people – mastermind groups, famous people, people who’ve achieved amazing results, and even my subscribers; who’ve been really positive and kept me going since the start.

What I Learned From Sylvester Stallone…

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10 Unstoppable Conversion Tactics For Anyone Selling Anything Online

You probably already know that without website traffic, you can’t make the sale.

Traffic is one thing but converting your that traffic from prospects to customers is another.

I’ve written this report to give you the exact tactics I use to convert more visitors to customers and/or subscribers.

The amazing thing about these tactics is that it can be used in any niche — it doesn’t matter if you’re in the golf, dog, self-help or gardening niche. There are a couple of niches where it would be a bad idea to use these tactics, i.e. – gambling and the “S” word…you know what I’m talking about ;)

So makes sense?

It had been said, by advertising and marketing experts, that a “healthy” conversion rate for a direct-response type of website is 1.5%. So this means for every 100 unique visitors that land on your salesletter, one to two of them will buy your product.

From my own testing, squeeze pages (like UnstoppableResults.com), convert at about 30-35%. So again, for every 100 visitors that land on that page, 30-35 of them will optin for my offer.

So that’s the conversion tactics 101.

Let’s get down to the more practical stuff…

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