You Don’t Have To Get It Right, You Just Need To Get It Going…

“You don’t have to get it right, you just need to get it going” I’ll explain more about this quote in this article.

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No sales pitch here, don’t worry :-) I’m sure you get dozens everyday.

It’ll be great for those who can’t seem to get anywhere. Those who suffer from IDEA overload especially.

Let me first tell you. I started marketing back in 2003. (I’ve been full-time since 2005).

Yea, yea.. I can tell you that “I’ve been in your shoes” and that “I’ve tried so many things but didn’t get anywhere”. Too much of a cliche’ so let’s get straight to the story.

In early 2005, it struck me.

I heard a quote from a motivational speaker named Mike Litman. Some of you may know him and some of you may not.

He stresses out a lot:
“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”.

Now, it may not be him who said this quote originally, I heard this from Marlon Sanders too, but I sure am glad I heard it from somebody, especially when I was in a position where I was badly in debt, tried so many “schemes” etc.

The reason why I wasn’t getting things done and why I couldn’t even see my first dollar come in, is because I had so many product ideas & so much information which wasn’t being utilized.

I was a perfectionist and I wanted things done 100% right.

I had this long list of ideas and I didn’t know where to start.

But luckily, from that quote, it opened up a new world for me.
– I changed the way I approached things with my business.
– It changed the way I made decisions for my business.

I tackled each idea by asking myself:

1. What is the easiest project to complete?
2. What is the fastest project to complete?
And generally, which idea will lead me to my ultimate goal?

It was soon after when I made my first $5 sale. It wasn’t much, but just to see that sale going into my account and that I’ve actually given VALUE to someone, makes me proud.

I still remember that day. The day when I jumped in the air shouting “Yesss!!!”. My mum heard it, my sister heard it, the neighbours heard it…that’s how happy I was. It gave me hope where quitting was the only option if this hadn’t happened to me.

Let me ask you, which of these two choices would you take?

1. Start with a big project which you think can bring your lots and lots of money

2. Start with a minor product idea which you think will be achievable, faster and easier to accomplish, but won’t get you as much $$$ as the bigger project?

I’d say the second.


1. Because you feel a sense of achievement – that you’ve completed an actual product of your own or it could be your first optin page.
2. You start to build MOMENTUM which will ultimately give you more motivation to keep going with your business.

Anthony Robbins mentioned the power of “Chunking” in one of his earlier books, called “Notes From A Friend” (I’d highly recommend you read this little book).

Here’s what he says:

“The most successful people are those who understand the power of ‘chunking’, who don’t bite off more than they can chew at one time. In other words, they break a goal down into bitesize pieces, achievable ‘sub-goals’ that lead toward the ultimate success they desire

But it’s not enough just to set subgoals; you have to celebrate the achievement of each small step. This will help you build momentum and develop habits that will gradually turn your dreams into reality.”

- Anthony Robbins.

I also remember Mark Joyner mentioning the power of chunking in his book “The Great Offer”.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that to me is real powerful.

Get your project going!

* Don’t be a perfectionist when it comes to making your site look good – you can make improvements along the way. Just make sure YOU GET IT GOING.

* It doesn’t matter if your software script isn’t perfect – Check out Mike Filsaimes Butterfly marketing script. I bought it on launch day and the script back then needed some major work to it. But at least Mike GOT IT GOING. The script is one powerful tool now.

* Your ebook doesn’t have to be perfect. If you’re getting a lot of refunds, for some reason, then you know that your ebook needs changes. It could be the title of your ebook, the content you shared or whatever. It isn’t hard to email that person who did get a refund and asking he/she “what made you decide that this ebook isn’t right for you?”. You now can make changes to reflect what others have said. Just GET IT GOING

Bottom line is – If you have those great ideas you want to turn into something (a product, a network, a list etc), if you have knowledge to share, if you’ve got skills like graphics designing or writing, then really, you are cheating yourself not to share it all.

Just remember:
“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”.

Hope this has helped you someway, one way or anyway.

I’m excited and looking forward to sharing the first issue of my new “Unstoppable Internet Marketing” newsletter with you very soon.

Here for your success,
Aurelius Tjin

P.S. – I’d LOVE for you to leave ANY comments or what you thought about this article.